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Tungaloy Corp.'s new interchangeable PSC standard series of toolholders for flexible machines and turning centres, the TungCap Tooling System, has been created to increase the rigidity and repeatability of turning, milling and drilling toolholders.

The new system offers a highly rigid clamping mechanism that is extremely resilient against bending forces while the ingenious taper and face contact design ensures a high level of repeatability with the edge position. The polygonal clamping design maintains centrality that enhances the accuracy levels to a repeatability of +/-0.002mm. This ensures the end user achieves the optimal machining performance while improving tool life.The torque load is distributed on the polygon due to the symmetrical design that provides an outstanding self-centring effect.

Ideal for flexible machine tools, the new TungCap avoids interference between the workpiece and the toolholder with its short overhang that reduces chatter. However, the enhanced rigidity also enables it to eradicate rigidity issues with processes requiring a long tool overhang. The new tool clamping system is now available on a wide variety of Tungaloy cutting tools including the Turning A line of external toolholders, the TungCut series of multi-functional grooving tools and the Tungaloy TurnLine of toolholders for general turning processes.

To demonstrate the versatility and availability of the new TungCap range, it is also available for square shank toolholders, adaptors for boring bars, boring bars with sleeves, whistle notch drill holders, ER collet holders, mini ER collet chuck holders, shell mill holders and power chuck holders for endmills.

With the TungCap innovation now available for so many toolholding adaptors, it can also work in harmony with the Tungaloy ToolLine of milling and drilling toolholders. This enables the new TungCap series to operate with drills, endmills, face mills and a vast array of additional milling products from the Tungaloy product catalogue. For further details on how the exciting new TungCap can improve your tool life, productivity, rigidity and surface finishes, please contact your local Tungaloy representative.

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Precision thread chaser holders

Seco Tools recently adapted its line of reliable, accurate thread chaser holders to support Steadyline vibration damping bars and Capto tooling.

End mills for multiple materials

Sandvik Coromant's new series of end mills for use in multiple materials is designed for high performance and secure machining in a variety of applications, component sizes, shapes and materials, reducing the requirement to change tools for every different operation.

Spindle connections

A strong spindle connection is key to machining titanium

by Keith Wiggins

Building today’s modern aircraft, many engineers are switching to high strength lighter alloys like titanium for component materials to increase fuel efficiencies.

Past Presetting

by kip hanson

Tool presetter manufacturers and their partners continue to make a good thing even better

Mazak: Multi-task turning

Demand for the American-made Quick Turn Nexus 450-II MY multi-tasking machine, the largest model in Mazak's Nexus series of turning and multi-tasking machines, continues to grow, says the company and is especially suitable for the oil and gas and construction machinery industries.

Smart metrology software

Mahr Federal has upgraded its software platform for its surface metrology systems. MarWin 4.5 offers increased functionality and ease of use, a range of new features, and a series of options for specific applications. The new platform is available on new systems and as an upgrade to all MarSurf XR, XC, XCR, and XT instruments.

High speed inserts for cast iron drilling

Walter has expanded its range of Color Select high speed inserts for cast iron drilling with the P6005-WKK45C grade for Xtra-tec B401x point drills.

Linear measurement on long machine tool axes

Heidenhain’s new LC 200 linear scale sets new standards in linear measurement on long machine-tool axes. 

Lantek Expert V2021 slug prevention and destruction

Lantek Systems Inc. has introduced the Expert V2021 programming solution for 2D cutting and punching machines.

Face Milling for High Surface Finish

by Andrei Petrilin

Cutter geometry and quality are key factors—and they depend on the inserts

Swiss angled toolholders

Kaiser Tool Company has expanded its offering of Swiss angled toolholders.

Hybrid additive machine from Mitsui Seiki

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc. has developed new machining technology that combines an additive and subtractive process on one machine tool platform. Named the Vertex 55X-H, the new hybrid technology was introduced at IMTS 2016.

Full program tapping tools

On March 1, Sandvik Coromant launched a full program of thread tapping tools for easy selection and use.

The macro on micro holes

Micro holemaking presents unique challenges

by Ed Robertson

Production efficiencies dictate doing more with less. Fixtures and workholding systems can accommodate families of parts; tools and inserts can accomplish numerous functions such as milling, turning, and holemaking; and multi-tasking machining centres with various spindles, axes of motion, rotating worktables and the like, all offer the promise of greatly improving production efficiencies and lowering throughput times and costs.

Cleared for Takeoff

As Canada’s aerospace industry starts its path to rebounding, there are opportunities for small and medium-sized shops looking to get in the game

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