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Tungaloy Corp.'s new interchangeable PSC standard series of toolholders for flexible machines and turning centres, the TungCap Tooling System, has been created to increase the rigidity and repeatability of turning, milling and drilling toolholders.

The new system offers a highly rigid clamping mechanism that is extremely resilient against bending forces while the ingenious taper and face contact design ensures a high level of repeatability with the edge position. The polygonal clamping design maintains centrality that enhances the accuracy levels to a repeatability of +/-0.002mm. This ensures the end user achieves the optimal machining performance while improving tool life.The torque load is distributed on the polygon due to the symmetrical design that provides an outstanding self-centring effect.

Ideal for flexible machine tools, the new TungCap avoids interference between the workpiece and the toolholder with its short overhang that reduces chatter. However, the enhanced rigidity also enables it to eradicate rigidity issues with processes requiring a long tool overhang. The new tool clamping system is now available on a wide variety of Tungaloy cutting tools including the Turning A line of external toolholders, the TungCut series of multi-functional grooving tools and the Tungaloy TurnLine of toolholders for general turning processes.

To demonstrate the versatility and availability of the new TungCap range, it is also available for square shank toolholders, adaptors for boring bars, boring bars with sleeves, whistle notch drill holders, ER collet holders, mini ER collet chuck holders, shell mill holders and power chuck holders for endmills.

With the TungCap innovation now available for so many toolholding adaptors, it can also work in harmony with the Tungaloy ToolLine of milling and drilling toolholders. This enables the new TungCap series to operate with drills, endmills, face mills and a vast array of additional milling products from the Tungaloy product catalogue. For further details on how the exciting new TungCap can improve your tool life, productivity, rigidity and surface finishes, please contact your local Tungaloy representative.

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Aviation clamping system for handling large parts

The Vero-S Aviation product line from Schunk is designed to rigidly clamp large parts accurately.

A View into Vending

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Making the case for integrated tool vending solutions in small to medium-sized businesses

Canada's Gold

by Andrew Brooks

Canada’s mining industry has its ups and downs, but a positive value proposition will always bring work

New general manager for Seco Tools in Canada

Brancko Hohnec has been appointed general manager, Canada, for Seco Tools. He joined Seco 11 years ago and most recently was managing director of Seco in Slovenia. He has a background in mechanical engineering. He will be based in Mississauga, ON.




The future of autonomous gripping

The scope of autonomous gripping technology is expanding beyond rigidly defined operations to embrace the flexibility and autonomy required for the next generation of smart factories.

Tiny Twists

by Kip Hanson

Micro drill manufacturers achieve Lilliputian dimensions, solving big problems for their customers

Optimized machining of nickel-based and titanium high temperature alloys

Over the past few years, Iscar has invested in R&D to optimize the machining of nickel-based and titanium high temperature alloys, with solutions that include the creation of customized grades and implementation of high pressure coolant technologies to develop cutting tools that will handle the heat issues.

Tool wear observations

Tool wear observations according to Moshe Goldberg, manager of marketing, training and engineering support for Iscar Ltd., Tefen, Israel.

Face milling cutter body doubles tool life

The new R220.88 face milling cutter family from Seco features inserts with eight cutting edges and optimized geometries that provide excellent tool life and reduced cutting forces, says the company.

How carbide inserts are made by Sandvik Coromant

Carbide inserts are used to machine almost everything made of metal. The insert has to withstand extreme heat and force, so it’s made of some of the hardest material in the world. The video illustrates the production of these inserts at Sandvik Coromant's insert production facility at Gimo, Sweden.

High-precision touch sensor

High-precision metalworking tooling manufacturer BIG KAISER has introduced the Base Master Red, a high-precision touch sensor that rapidly determines workpiece offsets and tool lengths, and the Base Master Mini, a thin, compact tool offset sensor.

Tungaloy expands double-sided positive insert line

Tungaloy has expanded its DoMiniTurn/Bore Line, a double-sided positive insert line that features a unique toolholder and insert design.

Mini mills

by Kip Hanson

It takes more than small cutters to make micro parts

Software for chip control in thread turning

Sandvik Coromant has introduced OptiThreading, a new software module that enables controlled chip breaking in thread turning applications.

Elliott debuts new Matsuura VMC at MMTS 2018

Elliott Matsuura Canada will showcase the new Matsuura vertical machining centre, the VX-660.

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