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MFH Mini is a small diameter high feed end mill from Kyocera Precision Tools for rough processing.

 It features a newly developed insert and dedicated holder. The insert's unique design reduces the impact on the insert when making initial contact with the workpiece, achieving smooth cutting with low resistance, according to the company. As a result, the product reduces chattering and enables increased feed rates. The MFH Mini also exhibits high chip evacution because of the newly developed chipbreaker, says Kyocera. 

Available with CVD and PVD coated inserts. Kyocera says through an enhanced feed rate, it achieves excellent chip evacuation.

the new LOGU insert with GM chipbreaker is suitable for face milling, shouldering, contouring, slotting, pocketing, ramping and helical milling. 

Kyocera says the insert exhibits increased wear and fracture resistance when the company's CVD/PVD coating is applied to the insert's cemented carbide base material.

KHK announces line of right angle metric gearboxes

KHK USA Inc., distributor of the KHK brand of metric gears, has announced a new line of right angle metric gearboxes, manufactured by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan.

Flux for submerged arc welding

ESAB has improved its OK Flux 10.99, an agglomerated neutral basic flux designed for submerged arc welding in heavy industrial environments.

The world according to Iscar

Iscar has recently launched its Iscar World app, which consolidates all of the company's online apps, interfaces, and product catalogs in a single space.

Round reversable toolholders

Kaiser Tool Co. has introduced Thinbit round reversable toolholders.

Zoller partners with Machining Cloud GmbH

Zoller, a supplier of tool measurement and presetting systems, is partnering with Swiss firm Machining Cloud, GmbH on the new machining cloud intelligent manufacturing application, a platform that offers applications, resources, services and information from a centralized database.

DC 175 Supreme solid carbide drill

Walter has introduced the DC175 Supreme solid carbide drill with precision cooling, designed for machining ISO M (stainless steel) and S (super alloys) materials.

New tool coating outperforms others 2 to 8 times

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced a new tool coating that it says outperforms currently available premium coatings by two to eight times.

Tool management systems

TMS Tool Management Software from Zoller features transparent data transfer between TMS and CAM software.

Heavy duty high capacity combination torch

Victor, an ESAB brand, has introduced Victor Plus Torch, a heavy duty, high capacity combination torch, which features the new CA 2460+ cutting attachment and WH 315FC+ handle.

Sharpening diamond-coated cutting tools

Rollomatic has developed a process that allows sharpening of thick‐film diamond coated cutting tools in a machine that also laser cuts PCD and other super‐hard materials.

Improved square shoulder milling

Seco has released another advancement for the square shoulder milling process with its new Turbo 10 cutting tool for most roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations. The cutter offers improved tool life and precision by optimizing cutting properties that reduce heat generation and cutting forces.

Multi-tasking gear machining system

Mazak Corporation has unveiled the Integrex i-200ST AG Hybrid multi-tasking machine.

Two flap disc series

Walter Surface Technologies has released two new products for polishing and finishing projects: Instant Polish for fast single step finishes and Ultimate Shine for fine mirror finishes.

LVD launches new fiber laser: Phoenix FL

LVD Strippit has introduced the Phoenix FL a fiber laser cutting machine that completes LVD Strippit’s fiber laser line-up.

MM-410A resistance weld tester

Amada Weld Tech has introduced the MM-410A handheld resistance weld tester.

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