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Mitutoyo Canada latest quality control measurement software, MeasurLink 7, combines real-time data acquisition, online SPC analysis, integrated networking and quality information sharing into an enterprise-wide solution. With four levels (Standard, Professional, Professional 3D and Process Analyzer), the software enables users to tailor a quality management system to their specific requirements.


MeasurLink 7 Real-Time Standard Editionis designed for acquisition and analysis of data in real-time to enable checking of variable and attribute inspection data to help maximize production and minimize defects. It offers views that allow the user to create part characteristics, with nominal and tolerance data, and traceability lists. The data collection interface provides real-time graphics for run charts, histograms and statistics. Standard views include Datasheet (observations and charts), Classic View (chart windows), and 2D view (part images with callouts that include charts and statistical data). Full reporting template functionality is also provided. Supported data sources include keyboard, RS232 and USB devices.

The software enables customers to connect and acquire data from Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), Vision and Form Measuring Systems. File imports are also supported via native integration (DDE) and QMD (xml-based). In addition to all of the features supported the software, this application also supports data filters. A full reporting template functionality is provided. Supported data sources include keyboard, RS232 and USB devices, native Mitutoyo integration (DDE), ASCII and QMD (xml-based) file imports.

MeasurLink 7 Real-Time Professional 3D Editionis designed for customers who want to collect data using the Hoops 3D graphics view. Hoops 3D files can be exported from most CAD systems to provide the operator with a real view of the part. Camera angle and position can be saved for each characteristic providing the operator with an intuitively prompted sequencing guide. Supported data sources include keyboard, RS232 and USB devices, native Mitutoyo integration (DDE), ASCII and QMD (xml-based) file imports.

The software is designed for offline viewing of Real-Time data in a networked environment. All views supported by MeasurLink 7 Real-Time Standard are supported, with the exception of Manager Views. Full reporting template functionality is also provided. Data is organized by Station, Part or Routine.

All editions ship with a copy of Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2 which can be used in standalone or workgroup installations. Editions are supported on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems versions: all Windows XP SP3 versions; all Windows Vista SP2 versions; and all Windows 7 versions. Both 32bit and 64bit operating systems are supported.


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