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Visionx Inc. has launched new software tools for its non-contact comparative measuring technology that allows users to compare a part to its CAD data in real time, completely automatically - an industry first according to Visionx's distributor Methods Machine Tools Inc.

The new tools include the CAD Auto-Align and Auto Pass/Fail software for the VisionGauge digital optical comparator system. The Auto-Align tool automatically aligns the CAD data to the part. The tool typically takes less than two seconds to produce its result and its operation is very straightforward. The Auto-Align tool produces repeatable and accurate results that are completely operator-independent. It supports both X-Y and X-Y-rotation alignment of the CAD drawing to the part. The  tool allows users to reduce inspection times and obtain increased accuracy. It can line the CAD drawing up to the part along one or multiple datums, or it can do an overall "best fit" alignment.

The Auto Pass/Fail tool automatically determines in real-time if a part is within tolerance. The Auto Pass/Fail tool can be point-based or can consider complete geometric entities, and it can perform both simultaneously on the same part. In point-based mode, the part's deviation from nominal is evaluated at precise user-specified cross-sections to verify that the part is within tolerance at all of these locations. The geometry-based Auto Pass/Fail tool verifies the part is within tolerance over complete geometric entities. The tool supports bi-directional tolerances and imposes no restrictions on the tolerance values. This means that tolerances can be either the standard "plus/minus" tolerances, as well as "minus/minus" or "plus/plus" tolerances.

VisionGauge digital optical comparators are a digital drop-in replacement for traditional optical comparators. They work directly with the part's CAD data and don't require any overlays, Mylars or templates. They are available in industry standard 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X magnifications. Systems are Windows-based and delivered network-ready in shop-floor convenient "rolling cart” configuration.

Methods Machine Tools

Single interface for multiple micrometers

Mitutoyo has launched a laser scan micrometer data processing software - LSMPAK V2.0 - that can support multi-channel systems such as the company’s LSM-5200 compact controller.

CMM measures large workpieces

Zeiss Industrial Metrology introduced its new Zeiss Contura CMM at IMTS in 2014 and has now expanded the range of models for the measurement of larger workpieces.

Multisensor measuring for complex parts

Carl Zeiss's O-Inspect multisensor measuring machine offers easy, accurate and efficient measurement of complext parts, claims the company.

Dimensional measurement

Optical Gaging Products (OGP), a division of Quality Vision International Inc. (QVI), high accuracy SmartScope Quest dimensional measurement systems provides the most precise three-dimensional measurement available from OGP.

Verification tool to increase machine accuracy

As machine tool builders and end users continue to push the limit with speeds and feeds, they need a tool to evaluate the dynamic performance of their machine with the ultimate precision and accuracy.

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