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Carl Zeiss' Micura coordinate measuring machine is a high precision, compact, bridge-type CMM featuring precision scanning technology with the VAST XT gold active scanning sensor.

It offers system offers 0.7 micron + L/400 accuracy with low probing force and is excellent for measurements of small and intricate parts often required in the optical, electronic, medical, aerospace and telecommunication industries.

The accuracy of the compact CMM opens up the door for measurement applications in areas such as labs or companies requiring high precision. A measurement volume of 500 x 500 x 500 mm handles a wide variety of small parts, a balanced range in all three axes for a machine in this size category.

The CMM uses ceramic guideway technology to provide high stability against temperature changes and all dynamic influences. Zeiss wrap-around air bearings in all guideways provide rigidity and stability at maximum speeds and accelerations. The system also comes standard with a workpiece temperature sensor and temperature compensation for increased measuring performance and productivity. A
dual-joystick display panel makes motorized control and programming easy. An ergonomic apron surrounds the granite plate, providing room outside of the measuring volume for the panel, tools, and accessories.

The VAST XT gold active scanning sensor is designed to provide submicron accuracy with high-speed scanning rates of up to 200 points per second. As a result of these scanning abilities the Micura system can complete numerous tasks: form and length measurements, curve and freeform measurements, and reverse engineering. And with the optional navigator technology in particular, VAST XT gold increases the measuring performance and productivity substantially.

Micura is available with user-friendly CALYPSO metrology software. CALYPSO is an innovative CAD-based software with Visual Metrology. There is no time-consuming, structural programming or difficult code and text editing.

Carl Zeiss

Dedicated internal turning Prime SL head

Following its launch of PrimeTurning methodology and tools for external turning operations, Sandvik Coromant has introduced a dedicated CoroTurn Prime SL head that makes this process available for internal turning operations.

Skills Training: The Missing Sizzle

If Brian Philip could change education in manufacturing in secondary and post secondary institutions, he would add the missing “sizzle” to the steak.

Record sales for North American machine vision market

North American sales of machine vision components and systems jumped 12 per cent to $1.65 billion US in the first nine months of 2014, according to recent statistics released by AIA, the industry's trade group.

Chiron introduces twin-spindle VMC for large component machining

Chiron Group has introduced the DZ 28 twin-spindle vertical machining centers.

Roughness sensor enables use of CMMs for surface inspection

The new Zeiss Rotos roughness sensor enables the use of coordinate measuring machines to completely inspect surface waviness and roughness – even on complex workpieces, and all in a single measurement run without any reclamping.

Threading, Three Ways

by Kip Hanson

Time-saving alternatives to traditional threading techniques

Tool management systems

TMS Tool Management Software from Zoller features transparent data transfer between TMS and CAM software.

Two saddle multitasking CNC lathe

The Multus U3000 general purpose multitasking two saddle CNC lathe from Okuma is designed to reduce setup time, improve accuracy and keep non-cutting time to a minimum.

Boeing creates lightest metal ever using additive manufacturing

Microlattice is the lightest metal ever made. At 99.99 per cent air, it's light enough to balance on top of a dandelion, while its structure makes it strong. Strength and record breaking lightness make it a potential metal for future planes and vehicles. Learn more about Boeing Innovations at

Auger Assist conveyor system

Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions has introduced the Auger Assist Conveyor.

The Biggest Constraint: A Ghostly Tale of Quality Management

By Kip Hanson

Ever since that big investment firm acquired us last year, Spacely's Space Sprockets has been struggling. I can't blame the investors. They provided an infusion of much needed cash, brought in a pair of high-tech, multi-axis machining centres, and agreed to replace our aging ERP system. At their request, we'd even brought in an efficiency expert to help us implement Six Sigma best practices.

Die design software new version released

Logopress Corp. along with their North American Technical Center Accurate Die Design Software, Inc. have released the new 2018 version of their SolidWorks based Logopress3 die design software.

New modular round chamfering tool

Big Kaiser has introduced the R-Cutter CKB Type, an ultra-high-feed front and back radius chamfering mill with high rake angles that reduce cutting resistance and minimize burr generation.

A quality edge

by Mary Scianna

Multisensor technology gives Ontario blow mouldmaker a competitive edge

Mistakes are costly in manufacturing, and in today's competitive environment, your mistake may mean a new customer for your competitor.

CMTS Exhibitor Spotlight: Ferro Technique (Booth 2719)

At this year’s CMTS, Ferro Technique will showcase the new Doosan DVF 5000 five axis compact machining center.

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