Tungaloy DoPent M ClassClick image to enlargeTungaloy has expanded its DoPent face milling line with a new cutting edge geometry and grade. The cutter has a 70° lead to enable it to take greater depth of cuts than traditional 45° lead cutters, says the company.

The double sided pentagon insert allows for 10 cutting edges per insert to help reduce the cost per part produced. The cutter is now available in pressed type inserts, which generates 10 per cent less cutting forces, making the tool practical even on lighter machines. The insert is available in neutral geometries, allowing for right and left hand rotation. Inserts are available in the new AH3135 grade. The multi-layered coating offers chip resistance while the carbide substrate offers toughness.

The insert is a good choice for carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys and super alloys.

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Cutting tools in the Cloud: Iscar, CGTech partnership

Users of CGTech's Vericut software for simulating CNC machine tools can now download directly Iscar tool assemblies because of a partnership between CGTech-MachiningCloud and Iscar.

New turning bars

Seco has launched a new line of turning bars to its Steadyline family, that feature patented damped tooling the company says provides excellent productivity for a range of long overhang machining operations.

Insert selection app

Walter has introduced a new app that shows insert selection with the latest Walter grades and chip breaker geometries for their application.

Endmills with Safe-Lock protection

The new Power Mill solid carbid endmills from Haimer are made from fine grain carbide and are equipped with the company's pull out protection system, Safe-Lock, which has become a standard for HSC and HPC machining. Endmill geometries are based on an unequal flute and helix design for chatter free high end machining. All tools are coated with latest PVD technology and have an extremely smooth surface for the best possible chip evacuation.

Toolholding for high performance machining

 A toolholding system for high performance machining developed by German tooling manufacturer Haimer is gaining in popularity in North America.

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