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Speed and precision are the outstanding features of the NHX series. Mori Seiki has also optimized these two points so that the NHX5500 and the NHX6300 reach feed rates of up to 60 m/min an increase of 20 per cent compared to the previous models.

In addition the two new developments achieve a fast pallet indexing time (90°) of 1.49 seconds and outstanding positioning accuracy in the µm range, thanks to the torque drive in the B-axis (optional).

Machining quality is also enhanced by the short distance between the pallet center and the spindle nose. This allows the use of shorter tools for more stable machining. The maximum length of tools has been increased in the NHX so that the machines can execute deep bores without the need of rotating the table.

A sturdy machine bed with linear slideways in the X and Z axes is the basis for powerful and stable machining on the NHX5500 and NHX6300. The symmetrical arrangement of the drives as close as possible to the center of gravity of the moving parts (DCG III) is equally as important for stability as the spindle with its large inner bearing diameter of 120mm which has increased spindle rigidity by 15 per cent. 

The equipment features of both the NHX5500 and the NHX6300 are designed for maximum reliability and top process stability. The spindle, for example, with its improved labyrinth structure to prevent any coolant penetrating the spindle unit is very impressive. In addition the arm of the automatic pallet changer (ATC) is equipped with a mechanical locking device that grips even long and heavy tools securely. 

The machines also reduce operating costs thanks to their lower power consumption. The company has cut energy requirements down by up to 40 per cent. This has been achieved by using fewer servo motors and LED lighting as well as a hydraulic unit with pressure accumulator whose pump is stopped in standby mode.

Where the control is concerned, the NHX5500 and the NHX6300 use the high-performance MAPPS IV operating system. This includes dialog programming in the standard version and there is also an Esprit CAM available as an option. The complex machining programming that can be achieved with the combination of MAPPS IV and 3D-CAM makes it possible for users to respond more flexibly to customer requirements. The user can also receive extra support via the MORI-NET, a function offering remote maintenance and monitoring of the operating states.

Mori Seiki

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