Slashing cycle times at Cyclone Manufacturing: DMG MORI machineClick image to enlargeThe equipment, CNC software and cutting tools used in one of Cyclone Manufacturing's Mississauga, ON, facility.

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Machine Tool: The DMU 80 eVo linear from DMG MORI is a five sided, five axis simultaneous machining centre equipped with linear drives in X and Y axes for higher accuracy and faster machining speeds. The machine is equipped with an Erowa robot loader. It features an NC swivel rotary table with a 600 kg load capacity, -5/+110° B axis swivel range, and 360° C axis rotation range. Rapid traverse speeds are up to 80 m/min. It runs at 18,000 rpms and features an HSK-A63 AC motor spindle. The main spindle features a high pressure (580 psi) through-spindle coolant. The compact machine has a 2,370 x 3,250 mm footprint and has a large working area measuring 800, 650 and 550 mm in the X, Y and Z axes respectively.

CAM Software: PowerMILL NC CAM software from Delcam is designed for complex, high speed machining in a single set-up and for automated programming of complex milling operations. The software offers users a range of high speed machining and multi-axis toolpath strategies. For example, Vortex is a patent pending roughing technology for high speed machining with solid carbide tooling that helps reduce machining times by up to 60 per cent, according to Delcam. The software's simultaneous five axis machining strategies give manufacturers control of the tool orientation around the workpiece, allowing for machining of complex parts in a single setup. An important consideration in CAM software is collision avoidance tools. The automatic collision avoidance function tilts the cutter away from obstacles by a specified clearance. When clear of the obstacle, the tool returns to the original cutting angle. Tool axis editing gives manufacturers the ability to adjust tool axis settings for individual areas of the toolpath and allows the machine to run more smoothly.

Workholding: Lang workholding products include Makro Grip five axis vises, Quick-Point zero-point clamping system and Tower products. The Makro-Grip five axis centering vises clamps at 3 mm heights. It clamps workpieces in the holding teeth contour of the jaw, requiring no endstop. The Quick-Point zero-point clamping system has a repeat accuracy of less than 0.005 mm. Simple to use, it requires manual clamping with one tightening screw.

Tooling: Seco's EPB toolholders are balanced to 1.5G at 20,000 rpm. They have less than three microns of run out to minimize static and dynamic run out. The Jabro end mills include the JH490, a coolant-through roughing with a feed rate of 1000 ipm, the JH421 Tornado Aluminum a coolant-through end mill for finishing with a feed rate of 600 ipm, the JH410 Tornado single flute end mill for circular interpolation and true positioning on all holes, and the Aeromaster indexable aluminum roughing tools.

Implementing MTConnect

by Neil Desrosiers

Tracking and measuring manufacturing operations

The power of one

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The Problem: Build footprint to capture bigger deals in injection mould market

The Solution: Merge two competitors to go after niche global opportunities

Ontario injection mould businesses merge to create stronger company

A German Solution for Canadian Manufacturing

Canadians head to Germany for new machining innovations

A visit to DMG’s Pfronten, Germany, facility makes it clear that the resurgence in manufacturing is not just wishful thinking but a reality.

FIELD NOTES Makino V90S Five Axis VMC

supplier: SST-Canada
end user: Toolplas

Agents of Change

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EDM turns to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to increase productivity

Productivity booster

Think automation isn’t for you? Think again.

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If you’re reading this article, then you must have some interest in automation.

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Justifying high technology in the machine shop

2019 Business Outlook

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Canada’s manufacturing industry is poised to take business to the next level and step up on the global playing field

Shaping the car of 2030

Magna International has launched a North American student innovation challenge to help shape the car of 2030.

Metals Supply: Service to Go & Grow

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Metals supply business invests in technology to better service customers

Ontario invests $55 M for skills training

The Ontario govvernment is adding $55 million to apprenticeship training initiatives that will include programs to raise awareness about careers in the skilled trades.

Record numbers for DMG Mori event

More than 1,300 people attended DMG Mori's Manufacturing Days event, held November 12-15, held at the company's Davis, CA, facility.

Low profile encoders reduce mounting time

Heidenhain’s next generation RENCO brand rotary encoders includes an upgraded R35i model and the R35iL low profile encoder, a successor to the RCML15. 

Emuge industry first: general purpose tap

Calling it an industry first, Emuge's MultiTap is a high performance tap designed for threading a range of materials including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze.

Ergonomic press brake

The TruBend 7036 is known as an ergonomic press brake designed with adjustable foot rest and table, plus tilt control.

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