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Reducing waste and tracking variations are vital to Kudu Industries’ continued lean manufacturing efforts, all while increasing throughput on existing machine tools. One solution is the RMP60 radio transmission probe by Renishaw, installed on Kudu’s Okuma MA 600 HB horizontal machining center.

According to Renishaw, the RMP60 inspection probe is the first to use frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transmission. The system comprises the probe and the RMI—a combined interface and receiver unit. The probe’s compact dimensions allow it to access surfaces produced by short tools, without being restricted by the upper limits of the machine’s Z-axis travel.

Unlike conventional radio transmissions, the RMP60’s unique transmission

system does not use a dedicated radio channel. Instead, the probe and

receiver ‘hop’ together through a sequence of frequencies, enabling multiple

probe systems and other industrial equipment to coexist in confidence.

The benefits are rapid part setup and part verification on machining centres of all sizes. “For us, it means shortened manufacturing lead times by ensuring correct measurements and set specifications are met before the part leaves the machine,” says Colin Virtue, lead hand machinist. In place on its new Okuma horizontal machining center, the company is also considering retrofitting its existing sister Okuma machine with in-process probing.

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Tool steel alloy maintains sharp edges

Select-SAIhas introduced an iron-based martensitic, high molybdenum, high speed, tool steel alloy the company says is an excellent choice for welding components required to maintain a sharp edge.

$30 M+ for Quebec aerospace additive manufacturing

A Swedish additive manufacturing company is investing $31 million in a new automated facility in Broisbriand, QC, that will create 106 new jobs over the next three years. Advanced Powders & Coatings (AP&C), a subsidiary of Arcam AB, made the announcement at the Farnborough International Airshow.

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Dillon Manufacturing’s full line-up of power chucks are ideal for new lathes or as replacement power chucks.

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Lockheed slashes costs on F-35 with cryogenic machining

Lockheed Martin has cut costs of large titanium airframe components for the F-35 fighter jet program as a result of an Okuma HMC equipped with a patented cryogenic machining system known as 5ME.

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DSA Precision Machining’s workholding investments include the Lang Makro-Grip vises and Quick-Point zero clamping system, and SPD electro-permanent magnetic chucks. The products were all purchased from workholding product distributor, Machine Tool Solutions Ltd., Brampton, ON.

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How to find good CNC machinists

If you're a machine shop in the Greater Toronto Area in search of good CNC machinists, you should attend a breakfast session on Tuesday, April 21, hosted by the Ontario Manufacturing Learning Consortium (OMLC).

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