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Collison Goll, a customized machined products operation based in Mississuaga, ON, manufactures parts with drills. Tolerances are only a few thousandths of an inch.

Collison Goll uses 20 different machine tools in its shop. To remove ferrous contamination from machining operations, the company was using a settlement tank and 50 micro filter cartridges. The problem was that the fine ferrous contamination in the lubricant was causing damage to the drills, resulting in inaccurate drilling performance and frequent drill replacement, increasing tooling costs. A central filtration system was not an option because of the layout of the machine shop. 

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To eliminate the problem, the company purchased the Micromag MM20 filter system from Eclipse to one machine as a trial. According to Collison Goll, the results were so good that wihin one week, it purchased four more Micromags and now plans to fit out the whole machine shop. Plant manager Glenn Healey estimates he has reduced drill body purchases by 75 per cent.

"My drill supplier was in and was wondering why the number of drill bodies I've been buying has dropped dramatically. I showed him the filters and he was amazed. I would estimate I have reduced the amount of drill bodies I purchase, due to crashing by plugged up oil thru holes, by 100 per cent and dropped my overall purchase by 75 per cent because [the filters] can be used over and over again."

Collision Goll

Eclipse Tools North America Inc.

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