DMC 80 FD five axis milling and turn-mill machineClick image to enlargeDMG MORI's DMC 80 FD is the forth generation duoBlock machine for five axis milling and mill-turn machining, re-engineered for improved performance, according to the company.

 The machine features a newly developed B axis milling head with a swivel range of 210° with a swivel of 30° in the negative direction. The larger axis bearing results in a 20 per cent increase in rigidity, says DMG MORI. The extended swivel range and reduced interference contour in conjunction with the cable conduit integrated into the housing enable an even wider range of customer-specific complete machining operations to be carried out. Idle times are reduced thanks to shortened B axis movements, and the extended life of the integral cables, which has a positive effect on high machine availability.

The new design has an 8 per cent larger work area of 0.715 dm3 / 43.6 in3 and a Z axis traverse of 850 mm/33.5 in., and has increased overall rigidity, despite a reduced footprint. This is based on structural optimization of reinforced, and, in some areas, wider machine beds, and columns made of high quality castings (GGG 60). In addition, the supporting surfaces of the inherently rigid machine beds have been enlarged, with stronger 55 mm (2.2 in.) linear guides fitted on the Y axis, and 50 mm (2.0 in) diameter ballscrew drives incorporated.

The spindle has a power rating of 77 kW / 103.2 hp., the maximum speed is 9,000 rpm. and the torque is 1,000 Nm/737.6 ft./lb. The B axis provides a 120 per cent power increase compared to previous motor spindles and offers milling performance and chipping power in a completely new dimension. In comparison with the competition, DMG MORI says the 4th generation universal milling centers achieve 75 per cent greater metal removal rates during five axis milling.

Motor spindles with the HSK 63 tool interface up to 18,000 rpm. for high speed cutting (HSC machining) is a further option. Alternatively, Torquemaster gear-driven spindles with 1,053 or 1,424 Nm/776.7 or 1,050.3 ft./lb at 8,000 rpm and 37 or 44 kW/49.6 or 60.0 hp. for HSK 100 can be used in the machines when carrying out high-performance cutting operations (HPC machining).


FABTECH 2015: Punch press tool coating

exhibitor: Mate Precision Tooling   booth # S1944

SuperMax is a coating for punch press tooling that Mate Precision Tooling says outperforms available premium coatings by two to eight times, depending on the application.

Multispindle automatic lathe

Index will introduce its MS40-8 multispindle automatic lathe to North America at IMTS 2018.

Field notes - Haas ST-20SSY

End User: Techtronics Machine Works Ltd.

Techtronics Machine Works Ltd. is a precision machine and fabrication shop in Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, with a simple, but effective growth strategy: investment in technology.

Weldable rust preventative fluid

Lincoln Electric’s RP6 Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid, a new, innovative oil-based fluid, provides up to six months of indoor corrosion protection by preventing rust on ferrous metals, while not adversely impacting the welding process, claims the company.

No drip air-mixing nozzle

EXAIR’s 1/2 NPT no drip external mix air atomizing spray nozzles work in the same way as standard atomizing nozzles, but completely stop liquid flow when compressed air is shut off.

Micrometer simplifies measuring

Mahr's new digital micrometer Micromar 40 EWRi, is now integrated with the company's wireless data transmission capability.

Punch press can punch, form, bend and tap

The LVD Strippit PX-1530 punch press can punch, form, bend and tap to efficiently complete multiple processes, including complex, three dimensional parts.

Five axis clamping system

KIPP is a compact five axis clamping system from WTO, distributed in Canada by Mittmann.

Stainless steel power brushes

PFERD has introduced a new series of 100 per cent stainless steel power brushes.

Graphite high-speed mill

GF Machining Solutions has unveiled the new Mikron HSM 500 Graphite high-speed mill.

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