Simulation MDI testing on a five axis gantry machine with additive Directed Energy Deposition (DED) retrofit system to manufacture large propeller parts.Click image to enlargeby Kip Hanson


Still on the fence over which five axis machining centre is best for your application? If you’re a CGTech customer, you’re in luck. That’s according to product manager Gene Granata, who says that it’s possible to virtually test drive practically any machine tool in the company’s Vericut brand of toolpath simulation, verification, and optimization software. 

“A number of our customers have found that the best way to evaluate a machine they're thinking about purchasing is to model it first in Vericut, something that they can do very quickly by downloading the appropriate CAD file from the machine builder, or just modeling some of the machine’s components themselves,” he says. “This lets them use Vericut’s MDI (Manual Data Input) capability to test behavior on the virtual machine to make sure they can reach everything, and see how the machine will perform. It shows them how it's going to behave—or not behave—for their particular application, and confidence to know their manufacturing strategies will work.”

Steelville Manufacturing uses Vericut Force optimization to ensure maximum reliable feed rates are achieved for optimal cutting on their Okuma machines.Click image to enlargeWhatever the brand, whatever its orientation and whatever you’re cutting, Granata notes that it’s critical you protect your investment and maximize its potential. “We've done a tremendous amount of work with five axis machining centres large and small, vertical and horizontal,” he says. “The beauty of Vericut is that it’s completely machine and configuration independent. It provides a digital twin of any style or brand of machine tool, and now with our Force optimization module, gives customers the ability to not only simulate the machining cycle, but significantly shorten it as well by recalculating program feed rates that provide ideal maximum safe cutting conditions for the machine tool and all cutting tools used on it.”    SMT                                      

Emuge industry first: general purpose tap

Calling it an industry first, Emuge's MultiTap is a high performance tap designed for threading a range of materials including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze.

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc.

Based in Oakville, Ontario, Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc. has been supplying and supporting quality machine tools to the Canadian metal cutting industry since 1950. Elliott carries a full range of metalworking machinery,

Kennametal: Tapping into the wind turbine market

New high performance taps for large diameter tapping from Kennametal feature a wear-resistant powder metal substrate and proprietary top layers and coatings, designed wind turbine component machining of hubs, rings and gearbox housings.

Multi-Tasking: Is it Right for Your Shop?

For manufacturers looking to achieve that competitive edge, you can do no better than a multi-tasking machine. They eliminate the need for separate milling and turning machines, multiple set-ups and, most importantly, they improve productivity.

The Rules of X-Ray Micro CT (and When to Break Them)

Offer the term “metrology equipment” to a group of industrial or manufacturing engineers in a word-association test and it's highly likely CMM (coordinate measuring machine) would be the response.

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