Bilz SCK-HSK optimized synchro chuckClick image to enlargeVolkswagon's Salzgitter, Germany plant had a problem with its Minimum Quantity Lubrication and dry processing operations.

More than 50 per cent of the production at the plant involves MQL and dry processing because they are efficient processes and environmentally friendly. When the company discovered an aerosol leakage problem in its tapping operations because of insufficiently sealed tapping chucks, it turned to Bilz to help them come up with a better clamping tool soltuion to eliminate the problem.

In cooperation with VW Salzgitter, Bilz developed an optimized synchro chuck, the SCK for MQL applications.

The optimization of SCK means that the 100 per cent feed of the aerosol to the relevant points of the tool is guaranteed. The advantages of this optimal usage of the aerosol up to the tip of the tool are clear: increased tool life, lower unit costs (CPU), and higher productivity of the machine due to fewer tool changes, claims Bilz.

The optimal leak proofing of the SCK was proved during trials at VW Salzgitter. The optimized SCK and the clamping chuck used up to that point were clamping onto a double- spindle machining centre in direct comparison to one another. Components made of AISi9 were machined using a thread former from LTM-Fette at 6 bar pressure and maximum cutting speeds.

Jürgen Binnebesel, tool technologist in Tool Management VW Salzgitter says, "the difference can be seen with the naked eye, whereas a fine mist of aerosol droplets forms around the old chuck, the optimized SCK runs flawlessly. No mist or moisture in the tool shank. The aerosol exits 100 per cent where it should—at the tool."

Uwe Leister, product manager at BILZ, says "the SCK as a combination solution is generally suitable for machines with MQL 1-channel, MQL 2-channel, IC up to 50 bar coolant pressure, but is also ideal for use in dry processing. The SCK can also be used on machines with manual tool change. The chucks are available immediately in sizes HSK32A, HSK40A, HSK50A, HSK63A, and HSK80A, also the various coolant tube versions required for the different systems. It is also possible to supply the SCK with a green ring as an alternative to the blue design if the customer requires, clearly indicating that it is a tool capable of MQL."

Another new development is the length adjustment on both sides integrated into the collet. In the future, adjustment can be carried out quickly and easily either from the collet or from the shank side. This means that adjustment is carried out directly—there is no longer any need for time consuming corrections.

The optimized construction guarantees process security, even with high idling speeds up to 115,000 rpm. Solid mounting components and dimensionally stable, almost wear-free elastomers within the compact construction mean that a constantly high cutting quality, improved tool life, and a simplified fitting procedure are achieved.

At the product presentation to the team of experts under the management of Hans-Otto Wenhake, manager for operative tool management at VW Salzgitter, another BILZ product took centre stage beside the SCK: the BZ collet with integrated length adjustment.

The greatest strengths of the BZ line is the slim construction: optimal in narrow working conditions with interference contours, also in the positive fitting of the BZ collet in the housing of the SCK, removing the risk of uncontrolled slipping of the collet during operation. In addition to this, the BZ collet plays a significant role in the 100 per cent leak proofing of the SCK and therefore complements it.

"We are always looking for the best technical solutions for our production. The SCK supports this target and we support the SCK," says Hans-Otto Wenhake.


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