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Tool wear observations according to Moshe Goldberg, manager of marketing, training and engineering support for Iscar Ltd., Tefen, Israel.

High stresses, High friction, High temp (1000°C) = tool damage

Adhesion wear:

Fragments of the workpiece get welded to the tool surface at high    temperatures; eventually, they break off, tearing small parts of the tool with them.


Hard particles, microscopic variations on the bottom surface of the chips

rub against the tool surface

Diffusion wear:

At high temperatures, atoms from tool  diffuse across to the chip;

the rate of diffusion increases exponentially with temperature;

this reduces the fracture strength of the crystals.

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Deep boring doesn’t have to be difficult...or noisy 

Cutting Tools Tech Tips: Centering your machining centre processes

By Tim Fara, Bilz Tool Co.

Machining centre manufacturers spend effort, design, and cost to make sure the spindle in the machine will operate on centreline. Spindle rotational accuracy as well as spindle alignment play an important role in cutting tool performance and productivity.

Octagonal insert with 4 geometries

The new Prameet stainless steel milling range from Dormer Prameet offers versatility and productivity.

Prima Power Customer Profile: Siemens

Automating fabrication to increase manufacturing efficiency.

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Why you should ditch those old hobs for modern gear-making methods

Digitalization of the Machine Shop

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Three-flute drills assume high performance holemaking responsibilities 

Canada's Gold

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Canada’s mining industry has its ups and downs, but a positive value proposition will always bring work

Hard lessons

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Making the most of cutting tools in hard milling applications

Mitsubishi EDM, Matsuura partner on 3D manufacturing

MC Machinery Systems Inc., Wood Dale, IL, owned by Mitsubishi Corp., is partnering with machine tool builder Matsuura Machinery Corp., Fukui City, Japan, to introduce a 3D hybrid milling machine to the North American market (Canada and the US).

The Art of Tool Balancing

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Improved tool life and machine performance are accessible to everyone. Here’s how.

Horizontal turning with three-turret machine

Okuma LT2000 EX horizontal turning centre demonstrating three-turret capability. Three turrets result in reduced cycle times because they involve more tools in the cut.

Chipbreaker for better productivity

Seco’s new M5 positive-lock chipbreaker insert with robust geometry brings what the company claims is productivity and strength to turning and boring applications in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and superalloys that extend from semi-finishing to the toughest roughing operations in harsh environments.

Joel Radner to Seco North American round tools sales

Joel Radner has been named sales manager for round tools in North America for Seco Tools.

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