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end user: AarKel Tool and Die


AarKel Tool and Die Inc. knows its geometry. The Wallaceburg, ON, maker of die cast dies and plastic injection moulds for the automotive sector has been using a crossover, combination geometry insert from Millstar for about 15 years now, says Brandon Doom, machining manager at Plant 2.

Like any shop, AarKel uses different inserts for different kinds of work. But Doom says that when it comes to applications that would normally go through a lot of inserts, the shop relies on the Millstar BDS hybrid two-flute bull nose insert, purchased from Millstar distributor Industrial Tools and Supplies (Windsor) Inc. AarKel uses the insert on its Kuraki and Juaristi boring mills and its FPT Pragma and Emco Mecof horizontal mills.

The inserts enable operators to remove more material in a single pass, Doom says. “When we’re refinishing we can probably triple our stepdown due to the geometry of the insert. That’s three times quicker—and we don’t have to slow down.”

AarKel does a lot of steep wall milling, and that increased depth of cut is especially helpful on those jobs.

“We’d typically take a 30/1000 in. step down with a cutter,” Doom says. “Because the BDS has a straight edge on the side that’s probably about an eighth of an inch, that allows us to take a 100/1000 in. step down. And we get a really good finish with it.”

The “hybrid” in the insert’s name refers to the fact that the insert’s crossover design combines flat bottom geometry with back draft geometry. The flat bottom means more efficient cutting in restricted spaces. “If you’re going into areas that have a lot of material on the bottom and not on the side, it allows you to cut a smaller diameter without having to clear the diameter of the cutter,” Doom says. The back draft clears the material away so there’s no rubbing and a pocket can be finished more accurately. 

BDS Hybrid Bull Nose milling insertClick image to enlargeCost is also a major reason AarKel has stuck with the insert for so long. AarKel could spend more to get inserts with a longer lifecycle, but because the BDS yields improved productivity, the cost analysis shows that it’s the more economical choice. Doom says the BDS inserts cost about two thirds what comparable inserts would, and because they deliver more throughput there’s a time savings that has to be factored in.

“The customer wants things quicker and quicker every day,” Doom says. “It’s the nature of the business—they want to get it for less and they want you to do it quicker.” SMT

Cutting time to save money

The problem
Time-consuming set-ups on multiple machines for complex parts

The solution
Five axis turn/mill machine to reduce part set-ups and potential for errors

Toolholders boost rigidity, repeatability

Tungaloy Corp.'s new interchangeable PSC standard series of toolholders for flexible machines and turning centres, the TungCap Tooling System, has been created to increase the rigidity and repeatability of turning, milling and drilling toolholders.

ATI Stellram acquires Greenfield threading line

ATI Stellram has acquired the Assembled Threading Tools product lines of Greenfield Industries Inc.

Sandvik Coromant partners with auto tools maker

Sandvik Coromant has signed a partnership agreement with Hanna Tools that will strengthen Sandvik Coromant's global position in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Modular drill for structural components

Kennametal’s FBX drill for flat-bottom drilling of structural aerospace parts delivers superior stability and higher removal rates when machining high temperature alloys, stainless steel and other materials.

Turning - in all directions

Sandvik Coromant has introduced a new concept in turning: PrimeTurning, a new turning methodology which enables turning in all directions.

On a roll

by Mary Scianna

Manufacturers gearing up for growth

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a renaissance.

Horrendous Holes

by Kip Hanson

Cutting super alloys can be a formidable machining challenge

Nickel and cobalt-based superalloys may not be Kryptonite, but drilling holes in Hastelloy X, Inconel 625, Waspaloy and Haynes 25 is about as tough as it gets in the world of metal removal. With machinability ratings in the low teens, these nightmare materials test the patience of even the most cool-headed machinist.

Inventory control for tools

Seco has developed a compact point-of-use automated inventory control device for cutting tools. SupplyPod is part of the company’s Point point-of-use vending program that big inventory control of small metalworking tools, such as inserts, drill bits, taps, fuses and small hand tools.

New chipformers for efficient steel chip removal

Iscar's three new chipformers for finishing medium and rough turning of steel: R3P, M3P and F3P.  The chipbreakers are designed to decrease the volume of chips removed from the workpiece during the machining process for efficient chip removal.

Landing the orders

The Problem: Diversify beyond landing gears to withstand market volatility

The Solution: 5 axis VMC and multi-tasking machines

Ontario landing gear manufacturer readies for competition with $1 M+ machinery investments


Iscar: High speed face milling cutters

Iscar Tool's latest innovations includes new adjustable-pocket face mills in the Alutang family, designed to carry primarily PCD or PCBN tipped inserts for use on cast iron, hardened steel, aluminum or any other non-metallic materials.

Learning at breakfast

BIG Kaiser's most recent Breakfast and Learn sessions attracted more than 250 manufacturers. Held at the company's Chicago area facility in Hoffman Estates, IL, the sessions, which ran May 17, 18 and 19, were an opportunity to learn and network.

Rego-Fix at IMTS

Booth  W-2364

Rego-Fix Tool Corp. will highlight the latest productivity-boosting innovations in Swiss precision toolhandling products at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

Tool cleaning and laser marking

Walter’s Helicheck Plus and Helicheck Pro machines from United Grinding North America now feature new modules for tool cleaning and laser marking. 

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