World's largest welding machine leaves Manufacturing Technology's South Bend site for Pratt & Whitney's facility in Middletown.Click image to enlarge

Pratt & Whitney's Middletown, IN, facility now has what is being called the "world's largest capacity linear friction welding machine." The machine was delivered in early May and installation is expected to be completed in September.

Built by Manufacturing Technology Inc., South Bend, IN, the machine wil be used to friction weld critical aircraft engine components to support Pratt & Whitney's military programs and next generation product family.

World's largest welding machine. Image from News8 wtnhClick image to enlarge

“We are proud to select Manufacturing Technology Inc.’s linear friction welding machine, which offers a faster, safer and more reliable process. The machine reduces lead time by precisely welding airfoils, while also improving the quality of the part,” said Greg Treacy, general manager, Compression Systems Module Center, after the machine was delivered early in May.

“Across all of our sites at Pratt & Whitney, we are investing heavily in our facilities and this is just another example of how we are incorporating the latest most advanced manufacturing techniques into our processes. This machine is the largest and most innovative, automated and ergonomically capable linear friction welding machine.”

The main frame base "superload" travelled on a 19-axle flatbed transporter approximately 4.3 m wide (14 ft) and 61 m (200 ft) long. The machine was delivered using six standard flatbeds carrying loads ranging in weight from 18,143 to 108,862 kg (40,000 to 240,000 lb). 

Including all components and subsystems, the linear friction welding machine weighs approximately 181,437 kg (400,000 lb), or 200 tons, and requires an installation area of approximately 12 by 18 ft (40 ft by 60 ft). The machine is 6.1 m (20 ft) tall and housed in a pit 2.7 m (9 ft) deep.

Linear friction welding is a joining process in which one piece moves up and down at high speeds while the other piece moves parallel to the ground and is pressed against the first piece with great force. The heat generates one of the strongest possible manufactured welds that present-day technology can accomplish.

CMTS 2017

SME Canada, the organizer of the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) wants to bring attendees an innovative experience like no other in the industry.

Welding education conference focus

More than 50 educators from across Canada participated in the Canadian Welding Association's (CWA) annual Welding Educators Conference earlier this year at Nova Scotia Community College's Akerly Campus in Dartmouth, NS.

Tesla makes ventilator from Model 3 parts

When the call came out for manufacturers to help produce medical equipment, many companies were quick to jump on board. But most of those companies must make ventilators using pre-existing designs, which would require competing with actual ventilator manufacturers for the parts and materials. 

RoboVent launches clean air initiative

RoboVent has launched a new program to help the manufacturing industry better understand and address air quality issues in manufacturing facilities.

Samuel to make $18 M expansion to Brantford facility

Metals distributor and industrial products manufacturer Samuel, Son & Co. has announced an $18 M investment in its Brantford, Ontario automotive metal processing centre.

Welding to go in robotic compact footprint cell

A KUKA KR AGILUS six axis robot is part of a robotic welding cell, a mini robotic cell developed by integrator Paul von der Bank GmbH in operation at Bruninghaus & Drisser in Hilden, Germany.

Robotic air cooled guns

Tregaskiss has introduced the third evolution of its Tough Gun robotic air cooled MIG gun product line, the Tough Gun CA3 and Tough Gun TA3.

McMaster opens $11 M engineering hands-on learning centre

McMaster University's Faculty of Engineering has opened a 28,000 sq ft student centre for hands-on learning.

Dual torch stitch welding automation for shipbuilding

Gullco's MOGGY trackless welding automation carriage. Ideal for fillet, lap and butting welding applications, the MOGGY is being used to produce simultaneous stitch welds on a barge hull stiffener. 

Canada fights back against US trade practices

Canada has responded to the US use of punitive duties by launching a broad international trade complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO).

EMAG adds new Canadian sales rep

Jeff Moore has joined EMAG as regional sales manager to service the Canadian market.

CWB launches new assessment portal

The CWB Group has launched a Welder Competency and Credential Assessment (WCCA) portal.

Welding wire doubles as a position sensor

WireSense is the assistance system from Fronius which turns the wire electrode into a sensor that checks the component position before each weld.

US firm expands cryogenic machining technology

5ME, a Warren, MI, which specializes in manufacturing services and software to improve efficiencies, has secured rights to cryogenic machining technology by acquiring 51 patents from Creare, a supplier of cryogenic systems and fluid dynamics.

Dan Mazerolle product specialist for Centerline (Windsor)

Dan Mazerolle has been appointed product support specialist at CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd., Windsor, ON.

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