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The CWA Foundation has introduced students in Newfoundland and Labrador to the welding profession by funding a Mind Over Metal welding camp in the province.

The camp was held at the College of the North Atlantic's (CAN) Burin campus. It was hosted by Esteem Women of Newfoundland and Labrador. The camp is free to students and is funded by the CWA Foundation. It run  during two consecutive week-ends beginning October 2, 2015.

The CWA Foundation hosted its first pilot welding camp in Edmonton, AB, last summer and is now introducing the camps to all provinces and territories across Canada. The growth of the project will allow for even more cities across Canada to partner with the CWA Foundation to host this event.

"These camps are specifically designed to provide at risk outh with an introduction into the welding profession and the great career options that are available, while being supervised by professionals in a safe environment, says Deborah Mates, the director of the CWA Foundation.

"Esteem Women aims to increase women's participation in skilled trades," explains Mark Clarke who is with the orgnaization. "By providing girls with the chance to try welding through opportunities like the CWA Foundation's Mind Over Metal camp, we are building confidence and creating empowering experiences for them.

“We’re excited for the young women who will be given an opportunity to discover a trade that can offer them a promising and exciting career,” saya CNA president and CEO, Ann Marie Vaughan, nothing the age of the participants, aged 12-17, is an important time when exploring possible career paths. “It’s never too early for today’s youth to see what their future may hold–this camp will increase their awareness of the trades and technology sector, which is the all important first step.”

Subjects that were covered in the camp include welding safety, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), an introduction to weld symbols, and a brief overview of the impact welding has on our daily lives. After completing the heoretical part, students practiced on the welding simulator and then experienced the actual welding process with real arcs and sparks.

“It’s going to open up a lot of possibilities to the students because this is such a unique opportunity," explains Mates. "It’s going to be hands-on and fun so when they finish they’ll have great memories and hopefully feel inspired to pursue a career in the welding profession. We are excited to be able to bring this opportunity to the provinces and territories and expose youth to something they may never have imagined. We are very appreciative of the support from industry, parents, Esteem Women, and College of the North Atlantic for allowing us to use their facilities. It is quite remarkable. This is just one of many outreach projects throughout the country the Foundation has planned for this year.”

TRUMPF to build Industry 4.0-enabled facility

TRUMPF, which announced plans to open a new Chicago facility in November 2015, has announced the new facility will be a demo factory for Industry 4.0. The facility is scheduled to open in the summer of 2017.

Sohail Naroo joins Bystronic Canada sales team

Bystronic Canada Ltd. has announced the addition of Sohail Naroo to its Canadian division as direct sales engineer.

Canadian manufacturing sales climb in October

Canadian manufacturing sales continued to climb in October, yet another sign that the economy is gaining steam and will continue to grow in 2014.

A Brighter Future

by Andrew Brooks

Despite some uncertainty, prospects for Canadian manufacturing are looking good

Canada's bedrock: Job shops in Canada

G B Fabrication
Ghislain Levasseur, a certified truck and car mechanic, and his brother Bruno,

Aerospace Manufacturing: Rising Star

The aerospace industry faces unprecedented growth–and the challenges that come with it

Siemens to replace VIA Rail’s Québec-Windsor Corridor train fleet

Siemens Mobility has been awarded a $989 million contract to replace the VIA Rail Canada fleet that operates in the 2200-km Quebec City-Windsor Corridor.

North American Robotic orders surge in 2014

Robot orders and shipments in North America set new records in the first nine months of 2014, according to Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry's trade group.

A marriage of convenience

Hybrid welding systems are gaining ground in more markets

Hybrid welding systems are making inroads in automated fabricating processes because they hold the promise of improving process efficiency and productivity, improving weld quality and lowering production costs.

Precision by Dan’s

by Kip Hanson | photos courtesy of Dan’s Precision

This “typical job shop” in Ontario is anything but 

DMG MORI supports Porsche in sports car race

DMG Mori (DMG Mori Seiki Ellison Technologies in Canada) is the new exclusive premium partner for Porsche, which returns to sports car motor racing after an absence of more than a decade.

Dual TIG Overlay

by Nestor Gula 

Two tungsten electrodes produce smoother arc for weld cladding

Double digit, record-breaking year for Linamar: Q4

Linamar's fourth quarter results marked the 9th consecutive record breaking year of double digit earning growth.

SPI Lasers rebrands under TRUMPF name

TRUMPF Group has announced that its TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH division will combine the business operations of SPI Lasers UK Ltd. to bring advantages in industrial applications via both disk and fiber technology and enhance customer service offerings.

New name signals big moves for Mate

Mate Precision Tooling is expanding it's product line to target a whole new industrial market segment, and it's getting a new company name to reflect that change. 

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