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MultiCam Canada's waterjet and router machines to be used in joint project to homes for low-income families

A five axis 3000 series waterjet machine and a 7000 series router with knife option from MultiCam Canada, Concord, ON, are helping to build homes for low income families in Ontario. MultiCam recently installed the machines in PCL Constructors Canada Inc.'s Mississauga, ON, fabrication facility.

The construction contractor plans to build houses using permanent modular construction techniques. The plan for one home includes 14 different parts: four to form the ground floor, six for the second floor and four for the roof. The modules will be built by volunteers at the company's construction facility before being shipped to St. Catherines, ON, where other volunteers will work on seaming the wall and floor joints, exterior siding, flooring, painting, finishes and landscaping.

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The project is expected to be completed by late June and the goal is to have the two selected families in their new homes soon afterwards.

Normally, when two pieces of drywall meet at a corner they need to be taped and plastered to seam them together. However, with a 7000 Series Router the company will be able to use a V-groove router bit to cut the back of the drywall to allow it to fold over corners. This will reduce the need to tape and plaster the corners as is traditionally required leading to a faster, more efficient production.

The 3000 Series WaterJet has the ability to cut many different types of material for various applications such as cutting granite for countertops. In addition, the five axis bevelling head will allow the company to cut along five axes at the same time and stay flexible with their design choices.

PCL has been Habitat for Humanity’s home sponsor since establishing a two-year, $1 million commitment in June 2011 to support the development of more than 20 homes throughout Canada. The company has donated $100,000 for the home sponsorship, general contracting services, and many volunteer employees for this project alone. In addition, many other Canadian businesses have stepped up to supply labour and materials for the project.

MultiCam Canada

PCL Constructors Canada

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