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by Tim Wilson

A report released at the end of last year by PwC found that Canadian manufacturers want to hire but are unable find the right people.

In the report, based on a telephone survey of manufacturers, PwC noted that there was a significant shortage of skilled workers at all levels, from HVAC technicians and welders to engineers. The silver lining is that PwC found significant optimism in the manufacturing sector: 50 per cent of manufacturers intended to hire, with 45 per cent planning to remain the same, and only 5 per cent  expecting a decline in their workforce.

“The Canadian optimism did not surprise me,” says Calum Semple, a partner at PwC and author of the report. “We are hearing a lot of good news from clients. It is beyond primary industries like oil and gas and mining. In aerospace, for example, we are seeing incremental, year-over-year growth, and skilled workers are needed.”

Central Canada is seeing some strengthening in the auto sector, a situation that will hopefully improve as the US economy recovers, but aid might come from an unusual area: the Maritimes. With $25 billion being put into the Irving Shipbuilding contract, some of that money will have to come to central Canada.

 “We don’t have a large manufacturing presence in Nova Scotia,” says Tawse from the NSCC. “A lot of that work will have to be sourced elsewhere, whether for small parts or structural components. For a company that has been producing specific components in Ontario, Quebec, or elsewhere, it would make sense to have a start-up here to source out existing contracts.”

If so, the challenge might then be to get the right person for the job. In the PwC study, half of the Canadian manufacturer respondents said they expect positive hiring over the next 12 months. That’s great news. The trouble was that a full 45 per cent said that the inability to find qualified workers was a significant barrier to growth. 

And though they believe in training, companies often have a hard time getting around to it, which means it is usually up to colleges to solve the problem. Fortunately, in the context of the new shipbuilding contracts, there is time to line up supply with demand.

“A young kid in school now, who is out in two to four years, will have an opportunity to build a career in shipbuilding,” says John Shaw from Seaspan Marine in Vancouver. “We haven’t had an opportunity like this in the marine industry in decades.”

Semple from PwC says that apprenticeship programs are gaining in popularity. 

“We began ramping up our apprenticeship programs two years ago and last year peaked at 300 apprentices in the yard,” says Steve Durrell from Irving Shipbuilding. “We are the largest employer of apprentices in the province of Nova Scotia, and will continue to focus very heavily on effectively transferring the knowledge of our experienced journeymen to the younger generation of shipbuilders.”

To make sure it all works out, Irving Shipbuilding works closely with the NSCC and the Province of Nova Scotia to ensure the apprenticeship program operates smoothly. These players have already begun the process of looking out toward the future needs of the industry.

“We are seeing that companies are more optimistic about themselves than their industry,” says Semple from PwC. While that might sound odd, it is actually a good sign. It means organizations are confident with regard to their competitiveness, and bodes well for Canada’s manufacturing sector heading into 2012 and beyond.

CME, NGen amp up online training to fuel recovery

Canadian manufacturers now have access to a number of training options to help master the skills necessary to manage their companies through the recovery phase of the pandemic.

Universal Robots co-founder and CTO receives Engelberger Robotics Award

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) has named Esben Østergaard of Universal Robots the recipient of the Engelberger Robotics Award, known as the Nobel Prize of robotics.

Lasers MetalTech Report

High quality cutting
Integral to the high efficiencies achievable with the BySpeed 3015 state-of-the-art laser cutting system, is the ByLaser 6000 W resonator, a power package that delivers up to a steady 6 kW to the cutting head, ensuring consistently high quality cutting across a broad range of materials.

Balancing act

by Tim Wilson

Automotive OEMs challenged by market demands for innovation at a low cost

CenterLine nabs 2020 National Manufacturing Leadership Award

CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd. has been awarded the National Manufacturing Leadership Award by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) for outstanding achievement in the Engineering and Production Technology Leadership category.

NAFTA: US pushes for stringent auto content

The Canadian automotive manufacturing industry is concerned about ongoing NAFTA negotiations in light of recent reports that the US is pushing for more stringent US auto content, according to media and industry reports.

Jeff Nesbitt joins Tebis in Canada

Jeff Nesbitt has joined Tebis America as business development manager for Canada.

Canada to spend $15+ billion on new Coast Guard ships

The federal government has announced that it will be spending $15.7 billion to build 18 new Coast Guard ships.

Canadian dollar climbs following positive manufacturing news

The Canadian dollar rose on Friday to 80.25 cents US following Statistics Canada reports that manufacturing sales has risen 1.7 per cent in December, higher than the expected 0.5 per cent reading economists had predicted.

Canadian manufacturing rises: 6th month of consecutive growth

Canada's manufacturing industry continues to perform well with March marking the sixth consecutive month in which production and new orders picked up, while employment hit its highest level in close to five years, according to data from the Markit Canada Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI).

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"We're bringing some parts back in-house that were manufactured in Korea and India.

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Lincoln Electric recently provided support during the filming on new series on ABC TV network called "BattleBots."

BorgWarner acquires Delphi in US$3.3B automotive deal

Automotive supplier BorgWarner Inc. has acquired Delphi Technologies in an all-stock transaction that values U.K.-based Delphi at approximately US$3.3 billion.

More government money for aerospace manufacturing: $3 M for Ontario firm

The Canadian government continues its ongoing funding contributions to aerospace manufacturers, with the recent being a $3 million repayable contribution to an Ontario precision machining supplier to the aerospace industry.

GDP weaker than expected in Q2: Bank of Canada

Canada’s GDP contracted by about 1 per cent in the second quarter, the Bank of Canada said in its interest rate policy statement on Wednesday.

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