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Thomas Skinner's Edmonton location hosted an open house on October 4 to celebrate its 30th anniversary and showcase its new showroom and training facility. 

More than 300 customers attended the event to see live machining demos of Okuma and Haas machine tools. Machines on display included turning/multi-function machines such as the Haas ST-40 (live tooling), Okuma Genos L400 and the Okuma LB4000 EXMY (milling and Y axis) which exhibited heavy material removal, large hole drilling, C axis and Y axis involute milling, threading, grooving, with tooling provided by Sandvik Coromant.

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Demo piece produced on the Okuma LB4000EX-MY 

Mill machining centres included the Haas VF-6/50, Haas VF-4 with rotary 4th axis and the Okuma M560-V, which demonstrated features including heavy milling, large hole drilling, thread milling and high speed machining, with Sandvik Coromant providing tooling for the VF-6/50 and the Genos M560-V, and Emuge providing tooling for the VF-4.

Frank Joswig, Emuge district sales manager, Canada said “a great open house! Emuge featured Franken solid carbide endmills on the Haas VF-4 VMC. The demo showed HSC cutting at 120 IPM with solid carbide. The high performance of the Multi-Jet-Cut and HPC-Jet-Cut endmills produced six parts. Only one of each endmill was used for a tool life of four hours! The Thomas Skinner Open House was well attended - I would say it was the best open house to date.”

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“It was a great event for everyone that attended, both customers and suppliers. The newly renovated showroom and facility looked fantastic; however, what matters most is what it represents. The investment made in the facility and the inventory that Thomas Skinner has speaks volumes to the level of commitment to the manufacturing community of Alberta” said Wade Anderson, Okuma regional sales manager. “It’s easy to ride in and sell machines in a hot market with little investment in the community, it is exponentially more difficult to have an established branch over the long term, riding the peaks and valleys of the market over the course of 30 years. The team at Thomas Skinner has proven why they are the most well established, full service distributor, for western Canada and did a terrific job showcasing their capabilities during this open house.” 

Thomas Skinner

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