Ink from car exhaust, 3D graphene and a brand new blue are among the top material breakthroughs of 2017, according to a story from CO.DESIGN. 

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There’s nothing new under the sun – or is there? The past year saw some outstanding breakthroughs in materials science, including a whole new colour.

An MIT media lab developed a device to collect soot from car exhaust and turn it into a new kind of black paint for artists. A Dutch company has put 3D printing robots to work to lay down durable flooring made from recycled bioplastics over large areas, including an assignment at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

MIT scored another of the year’s material successes by finding a way to turn graphene – a 2D form of carbon that boasts incredible strength – into 3D structures 10 times stronger than steel and only 5% as dense. Applications could include a space elevator.

The other top material hits in 2017: mass-manufacturable chain mail developed by the art director for the Lord of the Rings movies; the accidental discovery of a brilliant new shade of blue (you can buy it from Crayola – ask for “Bluetiful”); and a host of trash-based materials showcased at the NYCxDesign trade show, including coasters made from recycled rubber, a chair 3D-printed from melted refrigerators, and a table composed of discarded surfboard wax.


Photo: Melanie Gonick/MIT

Canada to top-up small business relief fund

The Government of Canada has committed to provide an additional $600 million to support small and medium-sized businesses and their workers through its Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF).

Lincoln Electric EVP Blankenship retires

Lincoln Electric’s Executive Vice-President and President of Americas welding segment George D. Blankenship, has retired effective May 31, 2020. 

Koss Aerospace gets $1.9 M for new equipment

Koss Aerospace, Mississauga, ON, is getting $1.9 million in equipment financing from GE Capital Canada to support the purchase of manufacturing equipment for its facility.

Hypertherm acquires Quebec robotics firm

Hypertherm has acquired Quebec robotics programming company Jabez Technologies, based in St. Laurent, QC.

Feds invest $49 billion for aerospace innovation

The Federal Government of Canada is investing $49 billion in aerospace innovation to support competitiveness in the sector.

Prima Industrie launches additive business

Prima Industrie, parent company of Prima Power, is getting into the additive business with the launch of its new division Prima Additive and the introduction of a new additive machine, the Print Sharp 250.

Air Liquide to build $12 M oxygen pipeline in Ontario

Air Liquide Canada plans to build a new oxygen pipeline in Haminton, ON, with support from Horizon Utilities and the Ontario Power Authority's saveONenergy program.

COVID-19 cut exports 4.7 per cent, says Statistics Canada

Economic data from the first few weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown are starting to trickle in and, as expected, the results are not good.

Haimer expands Canadian sales, service

Haimer USA is expanding its sales and service support in Canada with the appointment of Matt Seesle, who has joined the company as the dedicated Canadian applications sales specialist.

More government money for aerospace manufacturing: $3 M for Ontario firm

The Canadian government continues its ongoing funding contributions to aerospace manufacturers, with the recent being a $3 million repayable contribution to an Ontario precision machining supplier to the aerospace industry.


In the latest issue of Shop Metalworking Technology, three industry experts offer insight on our brave new manufacturing world.

CWB Welding Foundation: Impact Report

Five years after it was founded, the CWB Welding Foundation has released “The First Five Years,” a report that charts the impact the foundation has had on the industry.

Chris Morse new president at Wila USA

Chris Morse has been named president of Wila USA. He succeeds Gunter Glocker, who lead the compay since its founding in 1999. 

GM's Oshawa announcement stirs debate

The announcement by GM that it will shutter its Oshawa car plant at the end of 2019 has provoked a storm of comment and controversy.

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