Studer WireDress Grinding Wheel technologyClick image to enlargeManufacturers who grind hardened alloys, ceramics and tungsten carbide can now use a new machine-integrated dressing technology that dresses metal bonded grinding wheels easily at full working speeds of up to 140 m/sec.

Studer Wire-Dress, a seven-year collaborative development project between Studer, a Swiss university, a research institute, and technology suppliers, made its debut at IMTS 2014.

"Metal bonded wheels are very hard to dress or profile," says Michael Klotz, Studer's project manager, development, who spearhead the research project for the company. "This technology has brought dressability of metal bonded grinding wheels to a new level. You can dress any kind of shape with it and the cutting performance is much better."

Klotz describes the technology as a "machine within a machine." The Studer-WireDress uses a small wire EDM machine to remove the bond material and the unit can sit alongside other dressing options in a machine. The machine uses a thick, high performance wire that only erodes the metal bond material as there isn't any mechanical contact between the wire and the wheel surface, providing sharper grains, high grain protusion and therefore higher quality cutting performance. All this without wear at the dressing tool because the wire is just used once, says Klotz.

"So you can now dress wheels you couldn't dress before, and you can dress any kind of shape," says Klotz.

Studer-WireDress is only available on new machines and specifically on the S41, S31 and S22 machines.

While there is an obvious cost to the new technology, Klotz says customers need to consider the significant benefits and cost savings the technology can provide.

"First, you're doing something today that was not really possible in the past or was not cost effective. And the technology offers 30 per cent more grinding power."


Oxy-fuel torches

The 400 series oxy-fuel torches are two-piece torches that incorporate an innovative handle and cutting attachment design for better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for easier use, and enhanced safety.

Welding Metaltech Report

Lincoln Electric
Travel carriage  delivers 60 lb/hr  deposition rates
Lincoln Electric’s self-propelled modular Cruiser Tractor brings increased mobility and operator-friendly features to longitudinal submerged arc welding applications common in bridge and barge decking, large tank fabrication and shipbuilding. 

A third of Canadian businesses have lost 40% of revenue: Statscan

Statistics Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce collaborated to launch the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions—a survey of more than 12,600 businesses in Canada—and the results depend greatly on industry and geography.

Go big or go home

by Mary Scianna

Double column machining centre opens doors to new markets for Ontario shop

The Problem
Establish competitive niche for large part machining.

The Solution
Purchase a double column, high speed machining centre.

Alberta to come out of recession in 2016: report

A modest recovery for Alberta in 2016 "is in the cards" according toThe Conference Board of Canada's Provincial Outlook. The news is part of additional positive growth news for BC and Quebec.

Machining's hidden sector

The problem
Higher hardness levels difficult to grind on existing grinders

Learning from experience

CNC machines, software, drive growth for BC machine shop

On a roll

by Mary Scianna

Manufacturers gearing up for growth

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a renaissance.

Italian machinery outlook brightens

The Italian machine tool, robot and automation industry witnessed a 7.9 per cent growth in 2014 and 2015 will see growth of 5.2 per cent, according to the country's industry association, UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE.

New group to promote reshoring

A group of former federal and provincial politicians have launched a new organization to promote a modern, secure and less risky supply chain.

Making it in Canada

by Mary Scianna

Can Canada's manufacturing industry compete on the world stage?

Let's set the record straight: Canada never has, nor will it ever be, a manufacturing powerhouse like China and India.

Armoured vehicle maker opens new plant in Ontario

INKAS Group of Companies has opened a new manufacturing facility in Ontario and the first armoured vehicle showroom in Canada.

The company held a ribbon cutting ceremony on December 8 to commemorate the new plant.

Canada’s Aerospace Industry: Poised for Liftoff

by Noelle Stapinsky

Opportunities abound, but a national strategy and support are paramount if our aerospace industry is to recover from the pandemic and become a global player again

OPG picks 5 Canadian firms to bid on $100M dam maintenance

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has listed five Canadian companies able to bid on future repair, replacement and refurbishment work for large control gates at its hydroelectric generating stations.

UAW joins Canada autoworkers’ call to boycott GM cars made in Mexico

The United Auto Workers has joined autoworkers’ union Unifor in calling on General Motors to keep North American plants running.

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