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Mitutoyo is expanding its offerings to customers by aligning itself with two companies that will provide technologies to enhance Mitutoyo's current metrology solutions. 

Mitutoyo has acquired approximately 10 per cent of issued shares of Mapvision, a Helsinki, Finland company that provides in-line inspection systems known as "Quality Gate."

It has also entered into a "strategic partnership" with TAG Optics, a company with operations in Kawasaki, Japan, and Princeton, NJ, that produces the TAG Lens for precision measurement applications.

With regards to Mapvision, Mitutoyo will be able to sell and provide services of Mapvision’s in-line inspection system “Quality Gate” by using Mitutoyo’s extensive global network.

“Quality Gate” system is a high speed in-line inspection system with “100% (all parts) x100% (all features)” inspection capability. Complex welded assemblies like cross car beams, sub-frames, axels can be measured very fast within 30 seconds. Deformation analysis of parts can be done quickly and it is easy to monitor the measures effect of production process improvements.

With its multi-camera and machine vision application software, users are free from mechanical issues and constraints by using robots and probes for measurement. “Quality Gate” can contribute to automation and reduction of downtime for the smart factories.

The original inspection proposals can contribute to protection against shipment of defected parts, full automation, reduction of machine cost, and whaat the company describes as a "drastic" reduction of gauge cost by model.

The partnership with TAG Optics will include the joint development of the technology for inclusion into Mitutoyo’s large optical product systems portfolio. In addition, the partnership will facilitate Mitutoyo’s eventual acquisition of a controlling interest in TAG Optics.

“The addition of the world’s fastest focusing lens, the TAG LensTM, to our portfolio of high precision optics will enable us to create new innovations in metrology and continue to provide our customers with world leading systems,” says Toru Nakagawa, president of Mitutoyo Corp.

Established in 2011, TAG Optics develops and commercializes a tunable lens technology that uses sound to shape light and was originally developed in Professor Craig Arnold’s research group at Princeton University. The company’s flagship device, the TAG Lens, features ultra-high-speed focusing with large aperture and near diffraction-limited performance. 

"The formation of this partnership validates TAG Optics' technology platform and our commercialization and productization efforts from the past 5 years,” says Christian Theriault, president and CEO of TAG Optics. "We are thrilled to enter into an alliance with Mitutoyo Corporation, the world's leader and most trusted brand in precision optics, measurement and inspection solutions."

The partnership is expected to generate significant synergies for both companies. These include product enhancements and value creation in Mitutoyo’s line of optical measuring and inspection systems, while providing the TAG Technology with new development and manufacturing capabilities. This will enable TAG Optics to develop new TAG-enabled systems for machine and robotic vision in addition to biological market segments.

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