R. Kitaguchi, chairman of BIG Daishowa Seiki Co. Ltd., right, and Chris Kaiser, chairman of Kaiser Precision Tooling Ltd.Click image to enlargeKaiser Precision Tooling, based in Rumlang, Switzerland, has agreed to become a company of the BIG Daishowa group.

Kaiser, founded in 1948 by Heinz Kaiser, supplies modular boring tools. BIG Daishowa produces toolholders and measuring accessories, and operates six manufacturing facilities in Japan.

 The two companies have had a close technology and distribution partnership since 1980. BIG Daishowa produces KAISER boring tools under a license agreement and sells under the brand BIG Kaiser in the Asian market. In June of 2003, BIG Daishowa expanded its strategic alliance to KAISER’s North American operations near Chicago, and that company was renamed BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.

“During the past 10 years, our partnership has steadily increased through the creation of two joint ventures in the U.S. and Germany and an exclusive distribution arrangement for BIG products in Europe”, says Kaiser CEO Peter Elmer. “Today the distribution channels are practically grown together and the combined products are an excellent portfolio.”

Executive management will remain in place following the transaction, with Peter Elmer as CEO leading European operations, and CEO Chris Kaiser overseeing North American operations. The original Kaiser facility in Rümlang, Switzerland, will continue to have an integral role in the company’s worldwide R & D and manufacturing strategy.

“Our family has been working for some time on a succession plan to ensure the continued growth and success of this company,” says Chris Kaiser. “With 35 years of successful collaboration with BIG Daishowa, we are confident Kaiseris in the right hands for the future.”

The strengthened alliance is expected to help the company balance manufacturing resources and market and currency fluctuations around the globe. Customers will benefit from a fully consolidated portfolio of tooling solutions and ancillary products. Following the alliance, BIG Daishowa will have approximately 900 employees.

Proactive measures to create and improve an inclusive culture for all team members in your shop

My entire corporate career was in a male-dominated industry – manufacturing. I worked in various sectors; automotive, aerospace, and a diversified industrial. I also grew up with three brothers, a father who made sure I could throw and catch a ball with the best of them, and went to a small, private engineering college. I was comfortable in the male-dominated professional world, albeit I am sure my experiences were different than my male counterparts and maybe different than other females who chose a similar path. We are all complex human beings, bringing diverse backgrounds, talents, and complex dimensions of our identities to the workplace. I don’t like to assume that my personal experiences generalize to everyone else’s, but there are some things people in industries with an imbalance in genders might want to consider.

Alberta to come out of recession in 2016: report

A modest recovery for Alberta in 2016 "is in the cards" according toThe Conference Board of Canada's Provincial Outlook. The news is part of additional positive growth news for BC and Quebec.

FABTECH 2021 confirms in-person event

FABTECH has confirmed that its 2021 event will take place with in person attendance.

Ontario firm invests in Canada's 1st full production 3D facility

An Ontario manufacturer is investing $11.5 million to establish the country's first full production additive manufacturing and advanced manufacturing centre.

Tailstock fundamentals

Learn to use the tailstock on your CNC turning centre more effectively.

Breaking Additive Manufacturing Barriers: A Bigger Build

New robotics-enabled technology promises to break some major additive barriers

Federal development dollars support three Montréal SMEs

The Government of Canada is providing three Greater Montréal companies with a total of more than $1.9 million to acquire machinery and improve productivity.

$3 M for Windsor automotive manufacturers

Two Windsor manufacturers are the latest recipients in a recent slew of funding announcements by the Federal government. Newmak of Canada Corp. in partnership with Arbec Tool and Machine Ltd., both based in Windsor, ON, have received funding of up to $3 million to support development of stronger engine blocks made of lightweight aluminum.

Record sales for North American machine vision market

North American sales of machine vision components and systems jumped 12 per cent to $1.65 billion US in the first nine months of 2014, according to recent statistics released by AIA, the industry's trade group.

Coolant through tooling

Heimatec has announced the immediate availability of its newest coolant-through feature on all the company’s current tooling. 

The multisensor advantage

by Tim Wilson

Tactile coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and vision based non-contact systems each have their advantages.  But combining the two in a single system can provide more measurement data more quickly to improve process control feedback, as well as saving time and cost, compared to measuring parts on several different systems.

Iscar creates new complex shape for indexable insert

Cemented carbide indexable inserts are an integral part of cutting tools today. Progress on manufacturing technology and design methods has led to important breakthroughs in the production of indexable inserts, says Iscar in this white paper.

Case Study: Smart Investment

by Noelle Stapinsky

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