Paul LeTang 2Click image to enlargeAfter seven years working at Bystronic, and a career in sheet metal fabrication spanning five decades, Paul LeTang, bending guru and press brake product manager for Bystronic Inc., is set to retire on March 2, 2020.

LeTang started working part time with press brakes after school and on weekends in 1969, a hobby that evolved into full time work while also attending night school at the University of Cincinnati in 1972. He has held many high-level technical and managerial positions throughout his career and has worked for various machine manufacturers across the U.S. 

Here’s an interesting milestone: he has attended every US FABTECH show since 1976!

Dubbed  “Dr. Bender,” LeTang has been a highly respected resource for bending in the sheet metal fabrication industry for years. He has been a frequent contributor to magazine editorials as his bending expertise was sought after by editors, peers and colleagues alike. Paul’s knowledge and experience will surely be missed at Bystronic, as well as in the sheet metal industry as a whole.

Bystronic is a global supplier of press brakes, lasers cutting systems, automation and software for processing sheet metal and tubes located in Elgin, IL., with offices in Toronto and Monterrey, Mexico. 

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