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The CWB Group and the Immigrant Employment Council of British Colombia (IEC-BC) have partnered to support skilled welding professionals in Canada.

The two groups have announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on CWB's new Canadian Welder Competency and Credential Assessment (WCCA) program.

Michelle Stanford, senior vice president, Industry Solutions at CWB Group will support employment of welders across the couuntry.

“This collaboration will enable us to develop a program and resources, which support the successful employment of welders across Canada. Welding professionals, both newcomers to Canada and Canadians, will benefit by upgrading their skills and by accessing a suite of career development services to help them secure employment in one of the many industries desperate for skilled welding professionals.”

WCCA will provide trained welders the resources required to ensure job readiness, success and retention in the welding and fabrication industry. The program, to be modelled on the IEC-BC FAST program, will enhance the ability to evaluate competencies of welding professionals regardless of origin, provide better understanding of the regulatory framework and licensing requirements by jurisdiction, provide evidence-based information on current demands, needs, and trends and increase pre-arrival preparedness  of internationally trained welders for integration into the welding profession. 

The WCCA program is designed to address current and projected skill shortages in the welding industry and facilitate labour mobility between jurisdictions. A labour shortage impacts more than just the welding industry; it has direct effects on the manufacturing and fabricating industries as a whole, hindering Canada’s ability to compete globally.

In line with the efforts of the federal and provincial agencies in the assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications, the two organizations are attempting to create an environment where welding professionals are able to utilize their skills and experience and apply them within criteria established for Canadian tradespeople.

Mazak hosts Discover Education Automation event

November 8-9, 2018, Mazak Canada will host a two-day Discover Automation Education Event, focusing on how to automate low to medium-volume/high-mix machining production.

Robotic Welding

by Zane Michael

Best practices will help you achieve a maximum ROI on your investment

LISI Aerospace invests $12 M+ in titanium plant

LISI Aeorspace, Montreal, QC, is investing more than $12 million in a new production line that will make titanium assembly components for the global aerospace industry.

Manufacturing for charity

A Saskatchewan shop builds an innovative truck to raise funds for a children’s hospital

by Mary Scianna

It began as a team building exercise at Industrial Machine & Manufacturing Ltd. (IMM), Saskatoon, SK and ended up becoming a fundraiser to build a long awaited children’s hospital in Saskatoon. 

Prima Industrie launches additive business

Prima Industrie, parent company of Prima Power, is getting into the additive business with the launch of its new division Prima Additive and the introduction of a new additive machine, the Print Sharp 250.

Debunking Automation Myths

by Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette

The myths and the reality of robotic welding automation

Fanuc partners with Montreal's Vention

Fanuc has partnered with Vention, a Montreal-based cloud manufacturing automation platform (MAP) company, to sell collaborative robotics. Centered around the FANUC CRX cobot, this alliance will allow users to design and order complete, end-to-end robot cells directly from the Vention cloud platform.

Canada's Gold

by Andrew Brooks

Canada’s mining industry has its ups and downs, but a positive value proposition will always bring work

Machining group launches new event

The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA), in partnership with Mazak Corp., Iscar Tools and Sandvik Coromant, is launching an educational event for educators and for industry.

Smaller footprint engine-driven welder/generators

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s new Trailblazer series of engine-driven welder/generators — the Trailblazer 275 and Trailblazer 325 are built for general construction, structural steel, maintenance and repair, mobile fabrication, and farm and ranch applications.

Automotive Transformation

by Andrew Brooks

Market changes creating opportunities for automotive manufacturing in Canada

RoboVent launches clean air initiative

RoboVent has launched a new program to help the manufacturing industry better understand and address air quality issues in manufacturing facilities.

SolidCAD acquires AMS 360

SolidCAD, a professional services company and Canada’s largest Autodesk Platinum Partner, has acquired AMS 360 Inc., another Autodesk reseller.

$5.96 M rolling mill at research facility to support manufacturing

Natural Resources Canada's CanmetMaterials facility in Hamilton, ON, has unveiled a $5.96 million rolling mill that will be used to support manufacturing in Canada.

Largest naval ship built in Canada in 20 years

Meet the Asterix, the first large naval ship to be built in Canada in more than 20 years. The new ship, built by Davie Shipbuilding, made its debut on July 20, 2017.

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