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Larry Delaey, a Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA) director and president and CEO of AarKel Tool and Die Inc. and AarKel Tooling Group, has been preparing for the segue into electric vehicle tooling and production for some time.

Headquartered in Wallaceburg, Ont., AarKel is one of the largest toolmakers in North America, with five locations in Ontario, two in the U.S., one in Mexico and an engineering firm in India. It specializes in plastic injection molds, compression molds and diecast tooling.

“Within the automotive industry, we’ve all known that it wasn’t going to change instantly. It’s not like they’re going to flip a switch and it’s all battery electric, but we did know it was coming,” says Delaey. “That’s why a few years ago, we started gearing up our equipment and our additive manufacturing. We were already working with certain OEMs and Tier 1’s who were probably more advanced than some North American OEMs, especially when it comes to light weighting.”

Delaey continues, “we’re seeing some very unique operations compared to what we’re accustomed to with the Big Three. We are all seeing that Tesla is molding larger parts, which requires larger tools to minimize the number of parts needed. And with that the tools become much more complicated.”

To meet customer demand and position itself as a one-stop shop, AarKel invested in additive manufacturing and now has two 3D printers. “We’re doing production steel inserts and some components inside the tooling,” says Delaey. “The customers which have embraced additive manufacturing are really seeing the advantages. We’ve also invested in more large 5-Axis CNC machines to be able to do all the work-around for these large inserts, whether it’s a diecast or plastic. And we’ve invested in large brand new EDM machines. Because the parts are a lot more complicated, this will allow us to not only EDM the parts, but do it very efficiently. One of the EDMs that we bought is not only one of the fastest in the market, but it also has two heads, so we can turn one tool with two heads, which shortens the delivery time to the customer. We also have support for our customers with our 4400-ton diecast machine for sampling and short-run customer support if needed.”

With customers now merging multiple parts into one larger part, which requires more complex tooling, Delaey says, “when they’re joining all of these parts they require a lot of support, such as ribs and structure, to make the production part strong. With that it becomes a processing issue for our customers. So this is where having all three technologies—3D printing, large 5-Axis CNC and EDM—allows us to provide our customers with options to get increased cycle times and improve the quality of their parts.”

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling changes name to Big Daishowa

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. will change its name to Big Daishowa Inc. effective January 1, 2022. 

Celebrate SteelDay in Canada

On September 16, steel product manufacturers will be able to celebrate what they do by opening their doors to the public. SteelDay is an interactive and networking event created by The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.

Plasma cutter vs torch – you make the call

When it comes to cutting metal, most fabricators would point to plasma cutting or oxyfuel cutting as the two most popular techniques. Both techniques have their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and cheerleaders and detractors. And, as you might expect, choosing the most suitable cutting system for the job is not necessarily straightforward. The choice depends on the application, the type and thickness of the material to be cut, quality of the cut, operational costs, location of the job, and many other factors.

Welders among high paying jobs that don't need a degree

Welders, pipe fitters and electricians are cited in a Workopolis survey among the high paying jobs in Canada that don't require a university degree.

Industry events FABTECH Canada, MMTS cancelled

It’s official, and not really a surprise. FABTECH Canada and MMTS have both cancelled their 2020 trade shows and conferences because of the global coronavirus lockdown.

Major expansion for Quebec metrology firm

Creaform, Levis, QC, a metrology and engineering services company that specializes in portable 3D measurement solutions, is expanding its operations and recruiting new people for its worldwide offices in Canada, the US, Europe and India.

A machine tool builder's approach to Industry 4.0

Heller Machine Tools has embraced the Factory of the Future and is setting an example of how manufacturers can do the same. The company is one of several machine tool builders (i.e. Mazak's iSmart factory) in recent years that has embraced digital manufacturing concepts in their facilities. 

Scotchman celebrates 50th anniversary

Scotchman Industries Inc. is celebrating 50 years of manufacturing metal fabricating equipment in the US.

KUKA's school of robotics

KUKA Canada is once again offering its KUKA Canada College in 2017. Courses will be offered in January, February and March.

Feds invest $200M to build vaccine production plant

The Government of Canada is giving $199.16 million to help Resilience Biotechnologies Inc. expand its vaccine production capacity.

TRUMPF to build Industry 4.0-enabled facility

TRUMPF, which announced plans to open a new Chicago facility in November 2015, has announced the new facility will be a demo factory for Industry 4.0. The facility is scheduled to open in the summer of 2017.

ATS signs $65M order for systems to make COVID-19 tests

ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. a Cambridge, Ont.-based automation solutions provider has received a $65 million order booking from Tessy Plastics to design, build and deliver two automated manufacturing systems within the next four months.

DiPaolo lands Grob line for Eastern Canada

DiPaolo Machine Tools, Mississauga, ON, is the new distributor in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick for Grob Systems five axis universal machining centres, high volume production systems and assembly and testing equippment.

Sandvik Coromant opens new headquarters in US

Sandvik Coromant has opened its new US headquarters at its existing location in Mebane, North Carolina.

Bystronic inks deal to offer nitrogen generation technology

Bystronic Inc. has entered into an agreement to sell MSS Nitrogen Inc. nitrogen generation and mixing products in the North American market.

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