Mundial Group's Metal Bernard fabricating facility in QuebecClick image to enlargeTwo Quebec-based manufacturers and an investment firm have formed a group to acquire a US Tier 2 automotive parts manufacturer.

The Mundial Group, Verbom and MB Capital have acquired International Manufacturing and Assembly (IMA), based in Royal Oak, MI. IMA is a 14 year-old Tier 2 automotive supplier of metal components and manufactures complex, tight tolerance, thin walled aluminum extrusions for the automotive market. The purchase price was not disclosed.

Verbom was one of the investors in a US Tier 2 automotive businessClick image to enlarge

The Mundial Group operates several manufacturing business in Quebec, including two metal fabricating businesses, Metal Bernard and Normandin, and UCB, a precision CNC and conventional machining operation. Verbom, is a metal stamping company based in Valcourt, QC, specializing in tool and die and aluminum processing. MB Capital is an investment firm, that helped to provide part of the funding required to purchase the US business, says Louis Veilleux, CEO of Metal Bernard.

"The acquisition was larger than the Mundial Group would have been able to purchase on its own and the financing was complicated. We decided to join with Verbom, a young entrepreneurial company in Quebec and because the deal was quite a large one, we need three angel investos to accomplish this with the help of MB Capital."

IMA is one of the largest suppliers of components such as cargo covers housing, window guide rails and trunk cargo rails, as well as delivers stainless steel high-pressure fuel rails and air bag gas flow tubes. It has also just concluded a major contract for the manufacture of running boards.

The 25,000 sq ft Michigan facility is equipped with an automated production system. The company has a long-term joint venture with a high quality manufacturing plant based in Jilin Province, China. IMA has developed its capability over the past 10 years to competitively extrude, machine, and coat within a single facility of over 400 team members to automotive standards. In addition to its manufacturing locations in the USA and China, the company has warehouses located in Mexico, Shanghai China, along with sales and engineering representatives based in Europe, China, and USA.

IMA’s founder, Gilles Testé, will pursue IMA’s growth within the company as CEO and shareholder. Alongside the new investors, Testé will maintain the accelerated growth of the company while actively looking for short and medium term synergistic acquisitions.

Veilleux, whose divisions Metal Bernard and Normandin have been featured in Shop Metalworking Technology Magazine, says Group Mundial plans to continue to expand through acquisitions. Just last year, the company a Quebec machine shop business called JLM Usinage.

"We'll acquire more companies in the near future. Mexico, the US and even Canada have opportunities for businesses that want to become more global. By acquiring IMA, Group Mundial and Verbom can now share in the growth of all the businesses. So we're looking at sharing the network of customers between the companies to help us grow."

Going green

by Kip Hanson

Scarborough company aims to be the first manufacturer off the grid

Tired of your old office furniture? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, consumers discard several million tonnes each year of used chairs, desks, and cubicles.

Manufacturers network at Mold Expo in Windsor, ON

Manufacturers in southwestern Ontario joined Shop Metalworking Technology for the inaugural Mold Expo 2019. 

Ford kicks off Ontario production, hires 400 people

Ford Motor Company has kicked off the official start of production of its new 2015 Ford Edge, that will be built at the company's Oakville, ON, facility. To support the production, the company has hired 400 employees to supplement the 1,000 people it hired last year.

ONCAP acquires Walter Surface Technologies

ONCAP, the middle market private equity platform of Onex, has purchased a majority stake in Walter Surface Technologies in partnership with the existing management team.

Aluminum demand surges as China cuts back

A new report by Bloomberg says aluminum prices have hit a ten-year high as demand surges while supplies are coming under constraint.

Airbus selects Magellan Winnipeg and US plants for parts

Airbus has selected Magellan Aerospace to produce exhaust systms for the aircraft builder's A320neo PW family of aircraft, and the parts will be designed, developed and manufactured at Magellan's Winnipeg, MB, facility and at the Middeltown, OH plant.

Deposition rates of 60 lb/hr

Lincoln Electric has introduced a self-propelled modular CruiserTractor designed for increased mobility and equipped with operator-friendly features for longitudinal submerged arc welding applications common in bridge and barge decking, large tank fabrication and shipbuilding.

Bystronic discusses Industry 4.0. initiatives

A Q&A with Jurgen Hohnhas, head of development (CTO) and member of the management committee of Bystronic Group

We have largely got used to using smartphones and digital applications in our everyday life. With Industry 4.0, there is now an increasing trend towards digitalization in industrial environments. Bystronic’s Head of Development (CTO) Dr. Jürgen Hohnhaus talks about the benefits and the vision behind this development.

All About the Assist

by Noelle Stapinsky

Fabricators can optimize fiber laser cutting processes by improving assist gas management

Bystronic: Cutting software for process monitoring

The Plant Manager Cutting (PMC) software module is the most recent addition to the successful suite of Bysoft CAD/CAM software.

Michael Mai joins SST-Canada for EDM sales

Michael Mai has joined SST-Canada as the EDM technical sales representative to help SST-Canada's parent company, Makino, increase EDM market share in Canada.

World's largest all-electric pipe bending machine

Norwegian offshore and maritime services company has installed what is considered the world's largest all-electric pipe bending machine, capable of generation 660,000 Nm of continous torque and bending of thick-walled carbon steel pipes up to 273 mm (10 in.) in diameter.

MC Machinery adds Canadian sales rep

Adam Dimitroff has joined MC Machinery as a regional sales representative in Canada for EDM and machining.

US manufacturing orders grow

US manufacturing data shows 5.3% growth over 2011

US manufacturing technology orders climbed 5.3 per cent over 2011, a good sign of an economy finally turning the corner, albeit slowly.

Stratasys, Creaform form partnership

3D printing and additive manufacturing supplier Stratasys Ltd., and Levis, QC-based Creaform, a supplier of portable 3D mesurement solutions, have formed a joint marketing partnership in North America.

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