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CAD/CAM supplier In-House Solutions, Cambridge celebrated its 25th anniversary recently with a one-day open house on May 10.

Ed House, president of In-House Solutions, says there have been significant changes in the past 25 years with CAD/CAM software.

"There's seems to be more of a trend towards multi-axis, mill turn types of machines. Five axis machines have been in use for some time now, but we're seeing more shops adopting the multi-axis types machines."

Another growing area is the use of robotics in offline programming.

"We have a product line called RobotMaster and it's an offline programming system for robots. Robot manufacturers want to take away some of the CNC machining and there is a lot of what CNC machines are being used for now that robot manufacturers say they can do with their programming. They need to make some modifications to robots and educate robot integrators. These robot cells can be used for cutting metal and composites. A lot of CAM developers are looking at some kind of offline programming for robots."

House says networking of CNC machines is also growing and In-House "has been doing a lot of wireless communication for shops, especially in Alberta where it seems wireless is popular."

Machine monitoring is now on In-House Solution's radar, says House.

"We're not doing this but we're revisiting the concept and could be involved with machine monitoring in the next six months."

In-House Solutions

CWB Group donates $250,000 to hospital expansion

The Canadian Welding Bureau Group (CWB Group) has donated $250,000 to support the expansion of a Milton, ON, hopsital.

Glynn Fletcher new head, EOS of North America

Glynn Fletcher has joined EOS of North America as president. 

Learning to compete

by Mary Scianna

Technical schools' pivotal role in skilled trades training

Think the skilled trades shortage is a problem now with an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 open manufacturing jobs?

Hexagon acquires German firm to expand simulation software offerings

Hexago has acquired VIRES, a German provided of simulation software solutions that support the development, testing and validation of driver assisted and fully autonomous driving technology.

Nova Scotia: In Position

by Andrew Brooks

Poised to grow – but ‘hanging on’ for now

Manufacturers, Canada needs you

The federal government has put out a call to all Canadian manufacturing companies to help shore up health care supplies desperately needed to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

CTMA seeks sponsorship for apprentice bursary

The Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA) has issued a request for sponsorship amongst its members and affiliates to help support the annual Apprentice Bursary Award program. The program includes awards for pre-apprentices receiving the CTMA's introductory trades training.

GM Canada commits to job support for Oshawa assembly workers

GM Canada says it plans to provide financial support to the close to 3,000 workers who will be losing their jobs at the Osahwa, ON, assembly plant when it closes in 2019.

Ontario firm to develop mobile robotics

Engineering Services Inc., Toronto, ON, is getting close to $1 million from the Federal government to develop a next-generation mobile robotics platform for security applications.

Factory operations and machining control software

Okuma America Corp. has released Connect Plan, a software-based system for collecting and measuring data to adjust processes for increased productivity.

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