From left: Aysel Saglam and Semih Erbek of Baykal Machine Tools, and Irina Solovianenko of Access MachineryClick image to enlarge

Turkish fabricating equipment manufacturer Baykal Machine Tools debuted its new fiber laser cutting machine in Canada at a recent open house organized by Baykal's Canadian distributor Access Machinery.

 The 2 kW Neo fiber laser cutting machine was on display at Matcom International in Vaughan during a three-day open house. Semih Erbek, president of Baykal, who was on had for the open house, says Baykal has been focused on fiber laser cutting technology for the past six years to develop what he describes as a cost effective machine equipped with leading edge technologies.

An inside look at Baykal's Neo fiber laser cutting machineClick image to enlarge

"We're able to offer technologies found on more expensive fiber lasers but we've developed a machine at a more competitive price point. The machine we are demonstrating is a 2 kW model, but we build the machine with .5 kW up to a 6 kW power, and by the end of this year, we'll be offering an 8 kW machine."

The fiber machine is equipped with an nLIGHT resonator, which Erbek says offers unique advantages.

"Our machines are, on average, 30 per cent faster in terms of cutting speed, and cutting and pierce quality are substantially superior to competitor machines in the market and nLIGHT plays a major role in this because of the technology the company is able to offer in its resonators."

Erbek says the nLIGHT technology combined with patented technologies from Baykal, give the machine builder the abiity to manipulate the beam and tweak piercing capabilities.

"Because of this, on 15 mm mild steel for example, we're able to pierce the material six times faster than the competition."

Erbek says the Baykal fiber laser machines offer two features he says are unique in the market and will help to build the company's brand in North America: an easy-to-upgrade machne with the ability to cut highly reflective materials such as brass or copper.

"Sometimes a manufacturer may purchase a 2 kW machine because that's what it has the budget for, but the company may need a 3 or 4 kW machine. We can easily upgrade the machine with a higher resonator by simply opening a shaft where the resonator is located and replacing it and we can do it quickly. Our machine is also immune to reflection. Some of the competitor machines are equipped with sensors so that if a reflective material is being cut it will stop the machine and with some models, the reflective material may burn the machine. This won't happen with our machine because of a patented component that manages reflective materials and allows the machine to continue to cut."

The machines are built in Turkey and Erbek says it typically takes less than a month to build a machine. While Baykal's distributor doesn't stock the machines, Erbek says if a Canadian customer orders a machine not in stock in North America, delivery and installation will take a maximum of two months."

Irina Solovianenko, who handles sales and business development at Baykal's Canadian distributor Access Machinery, says there's a strong market for fiber laser cutting technology and says her goal is to sell five more machines in North America.

"We are building the brand and to do this, we'll work with our customers and create showrooms at their facilities. As business grows, well begin to stock the machines but our main focus is to first build the brand. Baykal is well known in Ontario and our next steps are to establish the brand in Ontario, Central Canada and in BC."

New North American product specialist for Heidenhain

Jonathon Dougherty has joined Heidenhain Corp. as the new North American product specialist for the automation division.

He will be based in Schaumburg, IL, and provide product support to North American customers and prospects. He will be responsible for automation product support for the company's rotary encoders, slip rings and resolvers. Heidenhain markets these products under the Heidenhain, Renco, Leine & Linde and LTN brands.

Heidenhain Corp.

Mazak to expand with new smart factory in Japan

Yamazaki Mazak, Mazak Canada's parent company, has announced the construction of a new production facility in Inabe City, Mie Prefecture Japan, that will incorporate the company's iSmart factory concept that encompasses production automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology.

Multi-station tube former

BLM Group’s E-FORM tube end forming machine now has a full CNC electric rolling device, providing maximum precision and repeatability in part production. The punches of the E-FORM reach up to 10 tons of force, molding tubes up to 30mm in diameter from materials such as copper, aluminum, iron or stainless steel.

Toyota Canada invests in STEM education

Toyota Canada Foundation has announced a $150,000 investment in STEM education for youth.

Canadians confident in post-pandemic bounce-back: survey

COVID-19 has not dented Canadians' outlook about the future or their confidence in their ability to bounce back quickly after hard times, even as the pandemic's effects on employment started to pile up, according to the results of a recent survey.

Racer Machinery picked for Siemens' control roll-out

Cambridge, Ont.-based Racer Machinery has been chosen to be part of Siemens’ “field experience” phase of its global rollout of Sinumerik One CNC control.

A machine tool builder's approach to Industry 4.0

Heller Machine Tools has embraced the Factory of the Future and is setting an example of how manufacturers can do the same. The company is one of several machine tool builders (i.e. Mazak's iSmart factory) in recent years that has embraced digital manufacturing concepts in their facilities. 

Tregaskiss sponsors Ontario robotics team

Students on a robotics team at Vincent Massey Second School in Windsor, ON, have qualified for a robotics world championship competition.

Machine tool suppliers hold 14th Joint Open House 2019

Hundreds of manufacturers attended the 14th annual machine tool distributors' Joint Open House in southwestern Ontario in April.

Magellan Aerospace facility to develop, build satellites

Magellan Aerospace and the University of Manitoba have unveiled their new Advanced Satellite Integration Facility (ASIF) at Magellan's plant in Winnipeg, MB. The facility will support research, development, contstruction and testing of satellite systems and components.

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Ontario fabrication shop enjoys rapid growth despite challenging times

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Automotive sector in Canada 2019: Fresh Start

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