airbus lauak mirabelClick image to enlargeStatistics Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce collaborated to launch the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions—a survey of more than 12,600 businesses in Canada—and the results depend greatly on industry and geography.

Nearly one-third of businesses are reporting that their revenues from the first quarter of 2020 were down by 40 per cent or more from the same quarter a year earlier. Another 21.2 per cent of businesses reported their revenues had decreased by 20 per cent to 40 per cent.  

Businesses in the accommodation and food services (72.6%), arts, entertainment and recreation (66.7%) and retail trade (60.3%) sectors were most likely to report a decline in revenue greater than 20%. In contrast, just over two-fifths of businesses in each of the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting (42.0%) and the utilities (40.4%) sectors reported either no change or an increase in revenue.

Across the country, over half of businesses in Alberta (57.7%), Ontario (56.3%), British Columbia (54.8%), Newfoundland and Labrador (53.5%) and Saskatchewan (52.8%) saw declines of 20% or more in revenue. In contrast, close to one-third of businesses in Prince Edward Island (33.1%), the territories (32.4%) and New Brunswick (30.3%) reported either no change or an increase in revenue.

Over one-quarter (28.6%) of businesses requested credit from financial institutions to cover operating costs due to revenue shortfalls caused by COVID-19. Financial institutions either fully or partially approved over three-quarters (77.3%) of these requests. In terms of businesses that pay rent, one-fifth (20.0%) had their rent deferred.

Just under two-thirds of businesses highly impacted by lower demand

Just under two-thirds (64.8%) of businesses reported being highly affected by lower demand for their products or services, while nearly half (48.5%) of businesses reported being highly affected by the need to cancel services they offered.

Statistics Canada’s March 2020 Labour Force Survey reported that 1.3 million Canadians were away from work due to COVID-19. In addition, 2.1 million people worked reduced hours. Almost two-fifths (38.1%) of businesses reduced staff hours or shifts, while two-fifths (40.5%) of businesses reported that they laid off staff. Nearly one-fifth (18.3%) of all businesses laid off 80% or more of their workforce. Of the businesses that laid off at least one employee, 45.2% laid off 80% or more of their workforce.

A significant proportion of businesses (27.0%) reported having implemented no changes with regards to staffing in light of COVID-19. Notably, over half (53.9%) of businesses in the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting sector reported they had implemented no changes to staffing as a result of the crisis

Almost half (45.4%) of businesses reported having added new ways to interact with or sell to customers, while nearly two-fifths (38.1%) of businesses reported having increased the use of virtual connections internally.

In response to requests by the government, 2.8% of businesses indicated they had started manufacturing new products to help cope with the crisis. Businesses in the manufacturing (10.5%) sector were most likely to shift production. Over two-fifths (42.9%) of businesses shifting production had started manufacturing hand sanitizer or had begun manufacturing masks and eye protection.

Nearly two-thirds (62.3%) of businesses reported that they could re-open or return to normal operations less than one month after social distancing measures are removed.

Armoured car maker Inkas announces new Toronto plant

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, a Toronto-based manufacturer of armored and special purpose vehicles, has acquired a new production facility in Toronto.

Manufacturing output remains positive in December

The final month of 2021 revealed another robust expansion in operating conditions for Canada's manufacturing sector.

CTMA Annual Shotgun Golf Tournament awards

The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) held its 23rd Annual Shotgun Golf Tournament on Sept 14.

COVID-19 lockdown of Shanghai snarling global supply chains

The two-stage lockdown of Shanghai, China’s largest city, could make supply chain issues worse than the initial COVID lockdowns, logistics companies are warning manufacturers whose supply chains depend on China.

Joint survey reveals 800 jobs available for Ukrainian refugees

To assist with the exodus of refugees from Ukraine who are attempting to relocate to Canada, the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) facilitated a survey to identify member companies willing to provide temporary or permanent employment, and other humanitarian assistance, immediately.

Canadian manufacturing sales break record in April

Canadian manufacturing sales increased for the seventh consecutive month in April, up 1.7 per cent to a record high $72.3 billion, according to data from Statistics Canada.

Lion Electric and Transit Truck Bodies launch electric truck

Montreal-based Lion Electric Company, a manufacturer of all-electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles, and Transit Truck Bodies, are launching an electric heavy-duty truck for last-mile delivery.

Aluminum welding training

For those interested in brushing up on their aluminum welding knowledge, The Lincoln Electric Co. is offering technical training through a selection of upcoming seminars.

World’s largest single piece 3D printed rocket engine

SLM Solutions says that Orbex has built the world’s largest metal rocket engine in a single piece on its SLM800 selective laser melting machine.

Rego-Fix acquires Gewitec

Rego-Fix AG has signed an agreement to acquire the majority equity interests of Swiss-based Gewitec AG.

Waterloo team wins SME additive manufacturing award

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has announced the winners of its 2021 Additive Manufacturing Community Awards, and Ontario’s University of Waterloo is among the recipients.

Lincoln acquires Easom Automation

Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc., Cleveland, OH, has acquired Easom Automation systems Inc., Detroit, MI, a privately held integrator and manufacturer of automation and positioning equipment.

OMAX waterjet finalist in "Oscars of Invention" awards

OMAX's MicroMax JetMachining Center is a finalist in the R&D Magazine 100 Awards. The company's abrasive waterjet machine is nominated in the field of mechanical/materials.

Knuth opens new demo facility

Knuth Machine Tools USA has opened its new showroom and demonstration facility that will showcase the three major cutting technologies it offers: laser, plasma and waterjet.

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