Digital connectivity in production increases overall productivity, flexibility, and process stability. A view of TRUMPF's assembly hall in Ditzingen.Click image to enlarge

TRUMPF increased sales 3.4 per cent at the end of its 2015/2016 fiscal year, amounting to € 2.81 billion ($414 million CDN).

"We were unable to repeat the strong sales growth of the previous financial year," says Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, chairwoman of the TRUMPF managing board, “but in view of the global economic factors, this result is very satisfactory for an export-oriented company." In this regard she cites the weak economic situation in China and Brazil, the sanctions against Russia, and also the uncertainty caused by the Brexit referendum, which has also affected other countries, for example in Eastern Europe.

Among the reasons for its sales increase, the company mentioned the development of some regional markets in Western Europe and overseas. TRUMPF achieved double-digit sales growth in Spain (+50 per cent). In France too, sales again reached pre-recession levels (+19.6 per cent), while in Germany, sales rose by 5.2 per cent. In China, the economy was slightly less dynamic, so revenues there totaled around €368 million, a decrease of roughly 0.5 per cent compared to the previous year. The USA remained similarly stable (+0.3 per cent to €370 million).

Leibinger-Kammüller went on to say that over the past year, TRUMPF has driven targeted investments in the future, including the development of new machines, the founding of a venture capital company to support startups, as well as structural expansion of its locations in Germany and abroad. In total, the company invested €138 million (+6.3 per cent compared to last year), partially in structural expansion, and also acquired software companies such as Xetics in Stuttgart and C-Labs in the USA to strengthen its digital strategy.

Moreover, TRUMPF is aiming at a significant personnel increase in the area of additive manufacturing. Leibinger-Kammüller mentioned that up to 100 new jobs would be created during the current fiscal year, most of them in Ditzingen, and a further increase of at least 100 more is planned for the coming fiscal year of 2017/18.

Expenditure on research and development was further increased during the fiscal year 2015/16 in a targeted manner, rising by +11.7 percent to €296 million (previous year: €265 million). The development ratio in relation to sales rose to 10.5 percent (previous year: 9.8 percent).

For the current fiscal year, the company is aiming for sales growth in the medium single-digit percentage range.

Higher pricing buoying Canadian exports and trade surplus

Canada’s merchandise exports rose 4.1% to $68.4 billion in May, the latest data from Statistics Canada shows.  This was the fifth consecutive monthly increase and the tenth gain over the past twelve months.

A metals processing drive-through

by Mary Scianna

An Alberta fabricator is revolutionizing the metals processing business

How does a steel processing facility operate 365 days a year in Alberta without any interruption from ice and snow from cold winter mornings and 70 km winds?

Airbus moves European Centre of Excellence to Quebec

Airbus Defence and Space has announced it is moving its Centre of excellence in encrypted radiocommunications R&D from France to Gatineau, QC.

Fed's COVID-19 aid to help small businesses

Canada’s Federal government has enacted an unprecedented support package to support people and companies over the next few months.

Canadian government invests $7 M in electric vehicles

The Canadian government was to expand the number of zero emission vehicles in Canada and it's investing up to $7 million to develop advanced electric vehicle charging stations across the country.

Productivity gains for Canada

Increased activity in manufacturing spurs real GDP of goods-producing businesses

by Shop MT staff

The latest economic data from Statistics Canada, while modest, points to an improving economy.

Robotic bending in action

The HG 1303 Rm from Amada America was engineered to provide consistent, high quality bending operations while eliminating time intensive, manual handling of medium to long sized parts.

Are you Ready for the Future?

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What Canada’s auto industry, and the shops supplying it, must do to become a fiercely innovative, advanced manufacturing powerhouse for electric vehicles

Distributor gets Canadian exclusive for GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions has appointed Machine Tool Systems Inc. as its new exclusive Canadian distributor. The new deal takes effect July 16, 2016.

Linamar acquiring full interest in joint venture casting facility

Linamar Corporation has reached a deal with GF Casting Solutions (GF) to acquire their 50% interest in their joint venture, GF Linamar LLC, located in Mills River, North Carolina. 

GM to build electric Silverado at Detroit's Factory Zero

General Motors will build its first electric pickup truck at it’s new Factory Zero plant in Detroit.

Field Notes: BySmart fiber laser/Xact Smart press brake

Product: BySmart fiber laser/Xact Smart press brake
Supplier: Bystronic
End User: EPP Metal

Record-high inventory levels continue for Canadian manufacturers

Total inventories for Canadian manufacturers increased 1.0% to $106.7 billion in February, mainly on higher inventories in the petroleum and coal product (+9.1%), primary metal (+3.5%), and motor vehicle (+12.8%) industries, Statistics Canada reports.

Laser Focus

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Laser technology is hitting the mark as an easily integrated plug and play toolbox

IMTS: More to see in 2012

Event on track to rank among top five largest IMTS events covering 1.2 million net square feet of trade show space with more than 1,800 exhibitors

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