TECH TIPS: Finding the right CNC plasma table manufacturers for you

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By Hypertherm

Hypertherm does not make CNC tables, but as a company that makes the plasma cutter used with a CNC machine, we do have some guidance. This guidance applies whether you are out shopping for a smaller, light industrial table with an air plasma cutter, or a larger industrial CNC plasma. Here’s our advice for finding the right machine builder for your particular situation.

Start online. Visit Where to buy at to get a list of Hypertherm authorized partners in your region. Once you have a list, spend some time searching the web for information on those partners.

Call the company. Even if you get all of the information you need from the web, it is still a good idea to call the machine or CNC table builder you are considering. Is the person who answers the phone polite and knowledgeable? Do they answer your questions in a way you can understand? If someone offers to call you back, do they?

Ask for references. Understand how long the CNC machine manufacturer you are considering has been in business and talk to current customers. Ask questions like: How long have you had your system? Are you happy with it? Is the company responsive to your needs? If you had to make this purchase all over again, would you make the exact same choice? The answers, especially to that last question, can tell you a lot about what kind of customer service and overall support the CNC cutting table manufacturer will provide.

Look under the hood. Ask for a list of companies that will supply the components found on your table. What drives are used? How about the THC? Fume system? Plasma cutting system? Does the table manufacturer or plasma cutting machine builder you are considering use high quality components from suppliers with a good reputation?

Consider location. CNC plasma cutting tables and machines are a major investment. Consider the ease and speed of getting the table to you and the ease of servicing your table when needed. If your table goes down or is not working as it should, how long will it take to get your issue resolved?

Ask for cut samples. Once you have a list of finalists, ask for cut samples. Send the CNC plasma table or machine builder a file with a part you regularly cut. Ideally, you want a part with a mix of straight cuts and curves, as well as holes and bevels if you cut parts with those features. Ask the manufacturer to cut the parts using the machine you are considering so you get an accurate idea of what your parts will look like.

Despite today’s world of online social connections, there is no substitute for old fashioned business relationships. By taking the time to build a strong relationship with your cutting system manufacturer and doing your homework ahead of time, you can ensure the success of your business not only today but in the years to come.

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