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Eco-friendly technology
Designed as a lower-cost alternative to Amada’s flagship EM-series twin servo drive turrets, the AE-series has been designated as an “Eco Product” by the Japan Forming Machinery Association because of the machine’s reduced requirements for petroleum product and electrical consumption.

The AE-series is equipped with a servo ram drive that has no hydraulic system or oil chiller. This design not only eliminates the need for ongoing hydraulic oil changes and related maintenance and service, but the servo drive consumes an average of less than half the oil of a typical hydraulic punching machine, amounting to savings of several thousand dollars per year. 

The machines are available standard with Amada’s exclusive “Triple-Track” high capacity 45 or 51-station turrets, each featuring four auto-index stations. Used in conjunction with the AMNC/PC controls’ scheduling functions, the Triple-Track configuration allows fabricators to load the turret with enough tools (up to 4 ½ in. in diameter) to run multiple jobs without tool changes, and without the need for using multi-tools to make up for a lack of overall capacity.

The machines are offered in 50 in. x 100 in. (1.3 m x  2.5 m) and 50 in. x 50 in. (1.3 m x 1.3 m) sheet capacities (larger sheets can be processed with a reposition) and feature brush tables to help reduce scratching and punching noise. In addition, air blow and power vacuum die capabilities help to increase tooling life while virtually eliminating slug pull—even when operating at high speeds.

LVD Strippit
51% larger turret
LVD Strippit’s M-Series of mid-range 20 metric tonne CNC turret punch presses feature a 51 per cent larger turret capacity than previous models. The 47-station turret provides high flexibility and reduces set-up time, increasing machine productivity. Equipped with LVD Strippit’s Energy Reduction System (ERS), the punch presses consume up to 30 per cent less electrical power than comparable machines and are less costly to operate and maintain.

Designed to minimize the time spent changing tooling, the punch presses have a mix of turret stations, including three 3.5 in. (88.9 mm) auto-index stations and four 2 in. (50.8 mm) stations. Every station accepts shaped punches and dies and can be enhanced with the addition of indexable multi-tools to further expand turret capacity and flexibility while reducing set-up time. Quick-change die holders also minimize tool changeover time. 

Hardened steel guide bushings and hardened shot pins provide precise alignment of punch and die for exceptional hole quality and long tool life. Bi-directional turret rotation automatically selects the shortest possible route to the next punching station for fast station-to-station positioning resulting in higher productivity. The machines are equipped with a servo-driven hydraulic press drive optimized for high performance operation. Axis speeds of up to 380 hits per minute on 1 in. (25 mm) centres and up to 900 hits per minute on 0.04 in. (1 mm) centres are achieved. 

The machine handle workpieces up to 49.21 in. x 98.4 in. (1250 x 2500 mm) with larger sheets processed using clamp repositioning. Workpiece thicknesses up to 0.250 in. (6.35 mm) are accommodated.

Mate Tooling
Adjustable thick turret canisters
Mate Tooling’s new Rapidset adjustable thick turret canisters are designed to be used with Mate Original Style and AMX punch press tooling. The canisters are also compatible with Amada Standard, Amada ABS and Wilson Standard tooling styles.

The product is designed to provide quick tool changes and make punch length adjustment faster with existing tooling inventories.

Available in A and B station canisters, Rapidset works with keyed or non-keyed punches and has these features.

  • A non-rotating clamping head with an easily adjustable clamping screw for setting punch length. It has a textured Gription canister feature for ease of handling.
  • A pre-loaded, self-contained spring pack provides consistent stripping pressure, consistent die penetration, and reduced slug-pulling. 
  • Greater grind life than the Original Style: 0.315 in. (8.00 mm) in 0.039 in. (1.00 mm) material with 0.118 in. (3.00 mm) die penetration.
  • Fast punch length adjustment without removal from guide.
  • Can be easily used with existing guides with or without pins. 
  • Punches material thickness up to 0.250 in. (6.35 mm). (Competitive canisters restricted to 0.150 in. (3.81 mm) material).

Prima Power
Servo electric punching
The new Prima Power E6x features a new, easy way of operation, a high degree of productivity and accuracy,as well as low energy and maintenance cost. All the benefits of versatile, servo electric punching technology are now within easy reach.

The E6x comes with the Lite version of Tulus, a member of a software suite developed by Prima Power. It makes the machine easy to use even for operators without prior experience of Prima
Power technology. Convenient downloading of programs, instructive task lists and set-up screens giving clear indication of material and tooling requirements, are just some of the standard features adding to ease of operation.

The E6x is an efficient machine tool for standard punching tasks, but the machine capabilities also allow uncomplicated and accurate utilization of all the latest tooling technologies. For example, the number of rotating tools can be increased by using indexable Multi-Tools. Thus programming is simplified and set-up times are shortened. New quick-change toolholders can be used for even shorter set-up.

A major contribution to operating efficiency is made by an easy load mechanism and automatic clamp positioning and closing function,
as well as a large 500 mm x 500 mm work chute for components. A lifting brush table mechanism provides extra protection for materials with a sensitive surface.

A three–stage system makes the machine safe to operate and minimizes downtime in case of failure. The machine is equipped with sensors that automatically stop the machine if the sheet comes loose or the tool jams. As an option, a sensor with similar function for sheet distortion can be added. Instantaneous machine stop prevents further damage to the machine and makes re-start of operation fast and simple.


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