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Multi-zone air downdraft

The accu-kut is built with a heavy duty fully welded steel frame providing a stable platform for high precision plasma cutting, says AKS.


The table can handle heavy plate loads (2 in./51 mm or more) and features 4 ft (1.2 m) pneumatically controlled centre duct damper zones along the length of the table. Zones are activated electronically and automatically as the torch moves along the table so only the active zone is drawing smoke and fumes. The machine features a torch height control, motion control and a touch-screen control. Options include a programming nesting solution, the robo-kut plasma beveling system and wireless remote control.




High speed cutting nozzles

The XR series of high speed cutting nozzles for the m3 plasma system improves cutting speed and extends the dross-free cutting range for better cut quality on a wider range of materials, claims ESAB.

The 260 Amp XR nozzle can cut as much as 45 per cent faster than previous PT-36 nozzles, while the 360 Amp XR nozzle achieves speeds up to 80 per cent faster than formerly possible. The nozzles feature an extended water cooling surface so that more of the nozzle is in contact with cooling water, closer to the nozzle tip. ESAB says the nozzle cooling helps extend nozzle life when piercing thicker material, and can cut up to 80 per cent thicker material with the same current. The nozzles are designed for use on the company’s TL oxygen electrode.




Modular construction for more lengths

The Spark Plasma Heavy Range plasma cutting system is equipped with a user-friendly CNC control, integrated with offline management systems, nesting and automatic programming software. The machine is designed to be modular in construction, allowing for a variety of lengths, without much additional cost, claims Gasparini. The machine is available in sizes from 5 x 10 ft (1.5 x 3 m) up to 10 x 50 ft (3 x 15 m). Features include a beveling head, drilling and tapping heads, an anti-spatter system and a scrap collection system.




Pipe profile cutting

The Pipe Coaster HID series for plasma/oxyfuel cutting can be operated easily by inputting operational parameters, such as diameter of branch pipe, wall thickness of branch pipe and diameter of main pipe. The system calculates automatically complicated contour curves. Cutting speed can be kept constant automatically, even for contour curves, claims Maruhide. Automatic continuous cutting is possible by adding various cutting shapes into the memory function. The pre-heat timer can also be input into the parameters. A constant bevel angle can be obtained by adding the torch angle on the branch pipe cutting. The system has fixed point bevel and weld preparation bevel cutting functions. The machine features Windows data input on a PC as well as optional DNC/LAN data input.



1,000 ipm cutting speed

The 3000 series CNC plasma is designed for medium to heavy duty CNC plasma cutting. The all-steel plate frame supports standard or high definition plasma units. It features a cutting speed of 1,000 ipm and a rapid traverse of 1,800 ipm. The plate base frame is welded, stress relieved and machined for increased accuracy (+/-0.001 in./0.025 mm) and a smoother cutting system, claims MultiCam. Gantry supports are made from grey iron castings. MultiCam says in conjunction with wide X axis bearing spacing, the castings dampen vibration and provide more rigid support. Loading capacity is up to 1.5 in. thick steel (38 mm) with a Z axis clearance of 4 in. (102 mm). The machine is available in table sizes from 50 x 50 in. (1,270 x 1,270 mm) up to 80 x 241 in. (2, 032 x 6,121 mm).



RhinoRhino Cutting Systems

Plasma cutting and hole drilling

Rhino has introduced a new multi-tool heavy duty machine fitted with a drill head for cutting up to 2 1/2 in. (63.5 mm) diameter holes in mild steel and the company’s Ultra Cut 400 high performance plasma system. To steady the workpiece and address chips from the machining operation, the machine is equipped with automatic pneumatic chip shield and material and bridge clamping devices. Up to 2,500 lb (1,133 kg) of clamping force can be applied. The system is fitted with an automatic tool changer with an on-screen control interface. A Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) system replaces the flood coolant commonly used in machining operations.

The plasma system can cut 2 in. (50.8 mm) mild steel and mark process lines on the plate. Rhino says the machine is designed for maximum throughput with fast process cycle times and the elimination of unnecessary plate handling.




Plasma digitizing probe

TechProbe Digitizer is a new CNC plasma accessory that mounts easily to any Techno CNC plasma machine. The user-friendly TechProbe software will digitize an object with simple or complex geometric shapes. Input the object, scan-area dimensions and desired step- resolution into the software, and the program automatically collects the data. Most of the software’s default settings, like speeds and resolutions, will not have to be reconfigured. Digitized two dimensional objects are generated onto the screen in a field of automatic toolpath points. TechProbe software allows you to view the scan through its active-preview window. Parts can be imported into CAD/CAM plasma design software for revision or the data can be immediately cut without any revision, modification, or manipulation.


VictorVictor Technologies

Intelligent CNC control

XT iCNC from Thermal Dynamics, a Victor Technologies brand, provides what the company describes as “intelligent control for integrated automated plasma cutting systems.” Using the control is simple, says the company; operators enter the material type and thickness, then select a desired outcome on the touch screen interface: fastest cut for rapid cycle time or best cut quality so that parts can go straight to the next fabrication step with little or no post-cut surface preparation. The control sets and controls all process variables automatically and Victor Technologies says no plasma experience or nesting program skill is necessary to optimize cut quality, cut speed, cycle time and consumables life. The control incorporates a DXF converter so users can load part drawings directly to the controller. It incorporates dual microprocessors, one for real-time cutting control and another for setting up another cutting program in a second window.


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