FABTECH REPORT: New eco-conscious bending and blanking from AMADA

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AMADA’s latest generation of servo-controlled press brakes, the EGB 6020 ATC e, is equipped with an electric drive system combined with an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and voice command control.

These production-enhancing features ensure high-speed bending and repeatable accuracy even if an operator lacks experience. In addition, a compact, newly-redesigned ATC can precisely load complex tool layouts within minutes—making it the ideal solution for variable lot sizes and the seamless introduction of rush jobs.

An integrated HMI control tablet is positioned above the tooling bed to provide convenient access to bending data, thereby maximizing efficiency and productivity. A backgauge camera connects to the HMI tablet and AMNC 4ie control to ensure the correct bend position. The intelligent AMNC 4ie control provides operator face recognition and allows voice commands to request, change, and verify bend information while the operator is on the move—all as an automatic foot pedal slides to the next bending position to ensure continuous operation.

To further boost productivity, Bi-S II Bend Indicator Sensors automatically measure
and correct bend angles up to 85% faster than Bi-S technology. And a new electric Auto-Crowning system maintains longitudinal accuracy throughout production. Additional
EGB e models available later this year: 6020 standalone, 8025 standalone, 1303 standalone, and 1303 ATC.

VENTIS 3015 AJ e
The new VENTIS 3015 AJ e with its 6kW fiber laser leverages AMADA’s Locus Beam Control (LBC) technology to cut a wide range of materials with unmatched speed and accuracy.

LBC technology creates infinite locus patterns — ensuring the optimum beam shape for each specific cutting application. In addition, the Laser Integration System (LIS) enables the VENTIS 3015 AJ e to continuously monitor itself. The system automatically adapts all the parameters for the current cutting process—enabling a very high level of autonomous production combined with simplified machine operation.

An innovative new feature is the LBC Flash Cut function. This permits nearly inertia-free movement of the laser beam without the need to displace the entire laser carriage. As a result, the VENTIS 3015 AJ e can cut even small hole geometries with unprecedented speed and accuracy. And, the new 6kW laser ensures faster cutting and outstanding quality with absolutely precise cutting angles even in the mid-to-thick material range. In addition, the VENTIS 3015 AJ e can cut many unique materials traditional fiber lasers are not equipped to process. These include Hardox steels as well as rust-resistant primer (coating) and sandblasted material. The increase in power has also boosted the system’s performance in the processing of stainless steel and aluminum, permitting higher cutting speeds and enhanced cut quality.

The new VENTIS is equipped with AMADA’s fastest control the AMNC 4ie. The large touch screen allows users to easily see information and load programs based on file names. Thumbnail views of parts or nests provide quick and easy identification to enable efficient shop floor editing. The 4ie also boasts innovative features such as the Face ID which makes system operation particularly simple and intuitive. Consequently, it is not essential to have highly qualified personnel on hand during operation.

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