FABTECH PREVIEW: AIDA-America to debut new press models and control systems

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AIDA-America will debut its NSX mechanical stamping press at FABTECH 2023. This newly designed two-point, 110-metric ton, unitized frame press is capable of speeds ranging from 120 to 300 strokes per minute.

The equipment is targeted at the automotive, appliance, hardware, consumer goods industries, and all industries who depend upon consistent high-volume production. Accuracy is ensured by a zero clearance, lubrication free, eight-point roller slide guide system and by dual counter-rotating eccentric shafts, the company says. Press and die integrity are protected by AIDA’s metal seal type Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP), at 10 milliseconds to zero pressure.

Locally engineered at AIDA-America in Dayton, OH, the NSX includes many standard features, such as a low deflection, rigid unitized steel frame; a cast iron slide with detachable face; 65mm stroke length; 50 inch L-R bed size; floor mounted design for quick, pit-free installation; and standard Allen-Bradley control with Link and Wintriss controls optional. The NSX is designed to meet the demands of high-volume stamping operations.

You can see it in action, running at its top speed of 300 spm in AIDA-America’s booth.

Additionally, AIDA-America will partner with Dallas Industries, Pax Products, Inc, Pacesetter Systems, and Tower Metalworking Fluids to demonstrate its new DSF-N2-3000AB, 300-ton straightside servo press as part of a full progressive die production line blanking near-fine parts. The demonstration shows how servo near-fine blanking can produce a 90%+ burnished surface with a straight edge, exceeding the typical 70%-80% burnished edge requirement of many applications. This two-point, direct-drive DSF-N2-AB servo press includes the exclusive AIDA / Allen-Bradley servo control system, locally developed, manufactured, and supported by a team of AIDA Controls Engineers based in Dayton, OH.

Control system standard features include Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) safe technology; a user friendly, ergonomically designed, swing-arm mounted, 12 inch color touch screen HMI with optical run buttons for ease of use; and a hand-held step-feed (CNC handwheel) slide motion control for reduced set-up time. DSF-N2-AB Series servo presses combine the rigidity of a unitized frame with the flexibility of freely programmable servo motion.

Like all AIDA servo presses, the DSF-N2-3000AB press includes an AIDA designed and built, low speed, high torque servo motor specifically manufactured for stamping press applications. Additional standard DSF-N2-AB features include NEMA 13 rated floor-standing cabinets with flexible placement options; a pneumatic safety brake integrated with the GuardLogix safety controller for an additional, redundant layer of safety; a full-length, 6-point slide guide system, easily set to maintain slide to bolster parallelism; and a recirculating oil lubrication system that provides clean oil in metered amounts to all bearing points.

DSF-N2-AB Series presses are offered in 200- and 300-ton models.

AIDA’s DSF-C1-1500A direct-drive gap frame servo press will be blanking parts, as well as demonstrating AIDA servo press programmability and flexibility. Guests in AIDA’s booth will see the optimized servo silent blanking stroke motion, which can only be achieved on a servo press. This 150-ton DSF-C1-A press showcases the exclusive AIDA / Allen-Bradley control, with many of the same features as the DSF-N2-AB Series control system noted above. Additional DSF-C1-A Series press features are a next generation servo motor with 5-10% higher speeds than AIDA’s previous generation gap frame servo presses; a capacitor-based Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO) system that reduces peak energy draw; and an Electronic Overload Protection (EOLP) system that monitors applied torque throughout the stroke to prevent overloading. DSFC1-A Series presses are offered in a range of tonnages from 80 to 250.

The exclusive AIDA / Allen-Bradley based servo press control for servo presses from 315 – 3,500 tons will also be on display.

This fully operational and interactive 19 in. PC touch screen Allen-Bradley control will demonstrate several servo press stroke motion profiles in real-time on a virtual press.

Please visit booth D40902.

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