Expanded turret capacity

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LVD Strippit now offers expanded turret capacity for 20-ton models of Strippit V-Series punch presses.

The Strippit V20-1225 and Strippit V20-1525 punch presses are now equipped with a newly designed 47-station turret featuring three standard 3.5 in. (88.9 mm) auto indexable stations and four standard 2 in. (50.8 mm) stations. The larger turret capacity provides high flexibility and reduces set-up time, increasing machine productivity, says the company.

Every station accepts shaped punches and dies and can be enhanced with the addition of indexable multi-tools to further expand turret capacity and flexibility while reducing set-up time. Quick-change die holders also minimize tool changeover time. The Strippit V-Series utilizes all the latest tooling technology such as special forming tools, wheel-style tooling, tapping and deburring systems.

Hardened steel guide bushings and hardened shot pins provide precise alignment of punch and die for exceptional hole quality and long tool life. Bi-directional turret rotation automatically selects the shortest possible route to the next punching station for fast station-to-station positioning resulting in higher productivity. The machines are equipped with an advanced servo-driven hydraulic press drive optimized for high performance operation. Axis speeds of up to 900 hits per minute on 0.40 in. (1 mm) centres are achieved.

The advanced press drive and easy-to-use interactive software optimize high-speed operation while reducing noise and shock. Fully programmable stroke profiles and patented Smart Stroke® feature maximize punching performance and provide flexibility for punching and forming applications. Smart Stroke® automatically optimizes the punch cycle by determining the hover height based on material thickness and distance between holes, maximizing productivity without operator or programmer intervention.

The Strippit V20-1225 and Strippit V20-1525 are equipped with three programmable, re- locatable work clamps, which can be programmed to a position on the X carriage and individually relocated to a new position within the part program. This reduces or eliminates “no punch” zones, increasing material utilization and providing significant savings when punching stainless steel and aluminum.

The punch presses also feature an innovative table design with the capacity to handle sheet weights of up to 322 lbs. (146 kg). A brush table minimizes noise and part scratching and permits economical changeover or replacement of individual brushes An Energy Reduction System (ERS) ensures that electrical power usage is efficiently managed. ERS reduces energy consumption up to 30 per cent compared to older machine designs, making Strippit machines among the world’s lowest energy consuming punch presses.

The PC-based Fanuc control is easy to use and provides powerful features such as diagnostics, offers large program storage capacity and networking capability with user friendly MMI (man-machine-interface). The control delivers powerful features such as full color graphics, advanced “real-time” diagnostics, increased program storage capacity and is network ready for easy transfer of programs from other computers.

Optional CADMAN programming software provides automatic unfolding of 3D SAT and IGES files, auto-nesting full support for all standard and advanced punching functions, including auto-index stations, multi-tools, standard and special punches, forming, embossing, tapping, stamping and wheel-style tools.

For maximum productivity, Strippit V-Series punch presses can be integrated with an optional, retrofitable automatic load/unload system or 6- or 10-pallet Compact Tower (CT-P) for full material loading, unloading and storage.

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