Cutting tools | metal tech report: Feb 2014

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Thread mills for oil and gas
supplier: Emuge

  • solid carbide thread mills with left hand spiral flute design, increased flute count and core diameter
  • multi-layered TiALN-T46 coating
  • internal coolant capability for UNC, 8UN and 12UNF thread forms
  • capable of machining multiple thread sizes with one tool
  • free cutting geometry for low radial cutting pressure
  • inch and metric sizes and a complete range of thread form/sizes

 Quad-Twist indexable drillsQuad-Twist indexable drills

  • four-corned insert for inboard and outboard pockets
  • new diameter ranges 27.0 to 31.0 mm (1.06 to 1.21 in.) added to existing 14.3 to 26.2 mm (.563 to 1.031 in.) sizes
  • new 9 mm SOMT style insert in grades IN2505, IN6505 and IN1039
  • a side coolant port, a twisted flute for maximum chip evacuation, and new shank design the company claims gives the drill additional stability in stationary applications. This allows for a two-screw contact on the shank flat and a more rigid setup.

SumoGun gundrill SumoGun gundrill
supplier:Iscar tools

  • gundrill with SumoCham indexable inserts with two cutting edges
  • expanded diameter range of 10 to 25.9 mm and maximum total length up to 1,000 mm
  • can be used on standard horizontal milling centres, lathes, multi-task and gundrill machines
  • enables replacement of the drilling head inside the machine; polyamide plastic key is available for clamping and removing the SumoGun head
  • drill pocket design can undergo at least 25 head replacements

 PCD drillsPCD drills
supplier: Seco

  • CX1 and CX2 polycrystalline diamond (PCD) new drill ranges for machining composite materials
  • diamond tip technology has allowed Seco to develop what it says is the first PCD three-flute geometry for composite drilling
  • CX1 geometry minimizes delamination and uncut fiber; CX2 is considered the best solution when drilling stacked material
  • standard 30° helix angle secures chip and dust evacuation
  • available in stock standard range between 3,26 and 9.53; other dimensions available upon request

 Solid carbide GS drillsSolid carbide GS drills
supplier: Sumitomo

  • DEX coating with alternately stacked AlCr and SiNi coating layers for resistance to heat and chipping
  • wider flutes for improved chip evacuation when machining steels, stainless steels, cast irons and super alloys
  • newly configured point geometry reduces cutting forces for more stable drilling
  • available in external coolant (2xD and 4xD lengths) and coolant-through styles (3xD); 12xD and 20xD lengths available for deep holes or for clearance issues

 TungSix DrillTungSix Drill
supplier: Tungaloy America

  • world’s first indexable drill with double-sided inserts and six cutting edges per insert
  • diameter range 28 to 50.8 mm (1.125 to 2.00 in.)
  • interchangeable central and peripheral insert
  • obtuse angle relief on corner part of central-edge for more strength, better fracture resistance
  • high rake angle, break on peripheral edge side for chip control

Xtra-tec Point drill insertsXtra-tec Point drill inserts
supplier: Walter

  • new series of inserts in the Xtra-tec Point Drill series for the heat exchanger industry
  • two types of inserts: P6001 (Universal in grades WXP45 and WPP45C0) and P6003 (Specialist in grade WMP35) to meet need for great drilling lengths in a variety of materials
  • capable of drilling through and blind holes, precision holes with a tolerance of H8, stack drilling, close-to-contour holes and tap drill holes
  • suitable for drilling in ISO material types P, M, K, N and S
  • suitable for automotive, aerospace, mould and die and general metalworking drilling applications

supplier: Widia

  • multi-application drill for steels, stainless steels, cast irons, non-ferrous materials and high temperature alloys
  • point geometry reduces chipping on cutting edges; marginless design reduces friction
  • 3xD, 5xD non-coolant and 3xD, 5xD and 8xD coolant-through lengths from 1 to 20 mm (.0394 to .7874 in.)

 Adjustable drill/mill unitsAdjustable drill/mill units

  • machines holes at various angles on a lathe
  • any angle can be manually preset between +/- 95 per cent
  • torx screwdrive and vernier scale are used for adjustment of the angle to a tenth of a degree (0.1)
  • toolholders can be made for high pressure coolant-through the spindle (1160 psi/80bar) or for external coolant supply
  • gear ratio can be 1:1 or 1:2 to double the speed of the boring tool
  • milling holes is possible


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