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Hypertherm's Robotic Software Team has introduced a new suite of specialized tools that make it easy to optimize robotic welding and cutting, whether plasma, laser or waterjet-by creating optimized paths.

Team leader Chahe Bakmazjian says a significant rise in robotic cutting and welding in recent years is prompting greater adoption of robotic technology. “A sharp increase in demand for small-batch and high-mix applications is causing more companies to turn to robots,” explains Bakmazjian. “Robots are ideal for these sorts of jobs because they have the ability to adapt to frequent changes; however, simple programming is key since the traditional method of teaching a robot is very time consuming.”

Hypertherm’s Robotmaster software makes it possible to program almost any type of robot offline using familiar CAD/CAM software. For example, live demonstrations at FABTECH 2015 in Chicago showcased a Fanuc robot operating a welding gun and an ABB robot with a plasma cutting torch. A total of five booths had their robots programmed with Robotmaster and running live demos for passerby’s at FABTECH 2015.

People interested in learning more about Robotmaster and hearing from a manufacturer currently using the software can do so by watching a new video that shows how one company is remaining competitive and expanding its use of robots despite having little to no robotic programming experience. Watch video.

Hypertherm’s Robotic Software Team develops Robotmaster, off-line programming software that provides quick and easy tools for industrial robotics and manufacturing. This allows robot programmers to drastically reduce programming time and effort by adopting Robotmaster while maximizing a rapid return on their investment. Robotmaster software is ideally suited to program robots for such tasks as trimming, cutting, welding, de-burring, polishing, dispensing, grinding, spraying, painting and 3D machining, while supporting most industrial robot brands. 


Portable controller and wire feeder for easier job site setup

Lincoln Electric has introduced a lightweight and portable contoller and wire feeder for orbital welding, the APEX 30M.

Effective welding of plate with surface contaminants

Select-SAI Inc. has introduced a flux cored, gas-shielded electrode that is specifically designed for the welding of structural plate with surface contaminants, such as rust and weldable primers.

Plasma cuts ½ in. bolt ready holes in 1” thick mild steel

AKS Cutting Systems plasma cutting systems are capable of cutting of ½ in. diameter bolt ready holes in 1 in.  thick mild steel.

New all-black look for Lincoln weld fume control

Lincoln Electric has moved from a red housing to an all-black housing for the exteriors of all of its weld fume control products.

Thread forming tap optimized for automotive applications

Sandvik Coromant has launched a new thread forming tap optimized for ISO P steel machining.

Robust PullMig welding torch

The PullMig welding torch from Fronius for push-pull welding weighs 1,600 grams, but is robust; it can survive a fall from three meters, competely unscathed.

Electric tube bender

BLM Group USA has introduced the 4-Runner, a multi-purpose compact tube bending machine for a variety of applications.

Expanded turret capacity

LVD Strippit now offers expanded turret capacity for 20-ton models of Strippit V-Series punch presses.

AlumaFeed 450 combines extra power and duty cycle with the latest in synergic pulse and profile pulse welding

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new AlumaFeed 450MPa is the dedicated aluminum machine built-in synergic or standard Pulsed MIG capabilities and designed with power to raise the bar, while still affording out-of-the box performance and ease of use in a package that in aluminum exclusive design.

Robot monitoring system

ABB Robotics has launched SafeMove2, the latest generation of its safety certified robot monitoring software, which the company says delivers greater flexibility, space savings and cutting edge commissioning tools for greater productivity at a lower total investment cost. This, combined with unsurpassed safety, enables closer collaboration between robots and factory workers.

Tregaskiss introduces analog and Ethernet reamers

Tregaskiss has introduced the TOUGH GUN TT4A (analog) and TT4E (Ethernet) reamers.

Parting-off and external threading toolholders

The TungTurn-Jet family of high-pressure, coolant-through toolholders from Tungaloy is being expanded to include parting-off and external threading toolholders, with the DirectTung-Jet capability for high efficiency in Swiss lathe applications.

Five axis horizontal machining centre

Makino has introduced a five axis horizontal machining centre, the a500Z.

Quick-change chucks

Dillon Manufacturing’s full line-up of power chucks are ideal for new lathes or as replacement power chucks.

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CS Unitec
Surface finisher
The PTX Eco Smart finishing machine produces perfect finishes on large surfaces with no shadow or streaks, claims the company.

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