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The Safan E-Brake features a servo electric drive based on the pulley principle, which the company says ensures even distribution of forces.

It means that in approximately 98 per cent of cases, no crowning table is required. Westway Machinery, Mississauga, ON, is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Safan E-Brakes.

The unique, patented roller drive system in the upper beam ensures a uniform and direct distribution of forces. The servo electronic drive with fast start and stop times allows for bending speeds of up to 20 mm/sec. The integration of this drive, combined with the company's touch screen control panel and the safety light screen, means cycle times are typically cut by 30 per cent.. In addition, the machine consumes up to 50 per cent less energy.

Westway Machinery

On-the-go air plasma system

Hypertherm's new Powermax30 Air is a portable air plasma system and internal compressor in one for on-the-go cutting.

Flexible rotary head cut-off machine

Graebener-Reika Inc. has introducd a new rotary head machine for cutting tube and pipe.

More flexibility with robot controller software

ABB Robotics has introduced RobotWare 6, the latest version of its robot controller software. The updated software affords manufacturers greater flexibility and reliability, with an extensive toolbox for developers and a broad range of communications capabilities.

Cooling laser cut material

TRUMPF has introduced CoolLine, a new option for its TRUMPF 2D laser cutting machines which implements a water mist to cool material as it is laser cut. CoolLine is fully integrated into the cutting process by way of a specially designed laser cutting head, varying nozzles and a water supply tank. With CoolLine, fabricators achieve higher quality cuts with smaller contours or greater complexity for increased flexibility and have the ability to nest parts more closely together.

Mazak Optonics: 6 W 2D Laser Cutting

Mazak Optonics Corp. has taken its SuperTurbo-X Mark III 2D laser cutting system and made it even more advanced by increasing its power output to 6,000 Watts.

Multi-functional portable mag drill

CS Unitec’s new MAB 1300 V is the strongest portable magnetic drill on the market with adjustable automatic feed and reverse, according to the company.

Laser cutting thick, thin material

The Convergent CV4000 C02 laser from Prima Electro features a high quality beam for precise, high speed cutting of thin and thick metals, as well as non-metals. Its DC-excited, fast axial flow design features electrical efficiency for minimizing operating costs, claims the company.

Plasma/oxyfuel combination cutting machine

The multi-functional CombiCut is a CNC plasma and oxyfuel cutting machine from MicroStep Canada.

Software optimizes robotic offline programming for cutting, welding

Hypertherm's Robotic Software Team has introduced a new suite of specialized tools that make it easy to optimize robotic welding and cutting, whether plasma, laser or waterjet-by creating optimized paths.

"Smart Tool Locator"

Wila USA has introduced Smart Tool Locator to help fabricators increase press brake productivity.

Fiber laser cutting system

The Ventis-3015AJ fiber laser cutting system from Amada is making its North American debut at FABTECH in Chicago this week.

Press packages for modular tooling

Multicyl has introduced press packages for modular tooling.

Faster waterjet cutting speeds

Jet Edge’s 100hp, 90KSI (75kw, 6200 bar),  X-Stream xP90-100 waterjet intensifier pump is capable of producing 90KSI (6200 bar) and supports 75KSI (5200 bar) continuous operating pressure.

Improved electric stroke control for ironworkers

Scotchman Industries has announced that its new 50514-EC & 5014-ET 50-ton hydraulic ironworker now comes standard with a new, improved electric stroke control to enhance precision.

Reducing bending cycle times by 30%

The TruBend 5085, one of TRUMPF’s high-performance press brakes, combines innovation with TRUMPF precision to reduce cycle times by up to 30 per cent, claims the company.

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