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The Safan E-Brake features a servo electric drive based on the pulley principle, which the company says ensures even distribution of forces.

It means that in approximately 98 per cent of cases, no crowning table is required. Westway Machinery, Mississauga, ON, is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Safan E-Brakes.

The unique, patented roller drive system in the upper beam ensures a uniform and direct distribution of forces. The servo electronic drive with fast start and stop times allows for bending speeds of up to 20 mm/sec. The integration of this drive, combined with the company's touch screen control panel and the safety light screen, means cycle times are typically cut by 30 per cent.. In addition, the machine consumes up to 50 per cent less energy.

Westway Machinery

Ermaksan: Hybrid press brakes

Ermaksan has developed a new generation Evolution series hybrid press brakes. Ermaksan's press brakes are available from Canadian distributor Ferric Machinery, Mississauga, ON.

Flexible drilling

Tube, pipe and structural steel fabricators who do a lot of drilling have a new lower cost and more efficient alternative to radial drills or standard tap/drill machines.

High pressure waterjet cutting

High pressure waterjet cutting is gaining in popularity among fabricators because it improves cutting efficiencies.

Mazak Optonics: 6 W 2D Laser Cutting

Mazak Optonics Corp. has taken its SuperTurbo-X Mark III 2D laser cutting system and made it even more advanced by increasing its power output to 6,000 Watts.

Bystronic: High power fiber laser cutting

The BySprint Fiber 3015 is a high power fiber laser cutting machine based on the BySprint Pro platform and the concept ByVention Fiber laser machine the company introduced three years ago in Munich, at Laser World of Photonics.

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