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Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the first dedicated aluminum welding power source with a new true torque push-pull design, the Millermatic 350P. It also features an electronic wire spool brake, Trigger Schedule Select and synergic capabilities in both MIG and pulsed MIG weld settings.


Consistent aluminum wire delivery is the core feature thanks to the enhanced wire delivery design. The torque motor and the electronic brake work together to provide hours of continuous and productive wire delivery. The new true torque push-pull feed motor provides positive and accurate wire feeding between the torque motor and gun, and the electronic brake allows the wire spool to "free spool" to provide drag-free wire delivery. The new MIG aluminum welder gives the operator the first-of-its-kind flexibility with synergic "one knob" control in both pulsed MIG and MIG operation. This connection means the welder can automatically adjust voltage and amperage when the operator adjusts wire speed on the gun.

The machine is equipped with easy-to-use operator controls, including the new "Trigger Schedule Select", which permits the user to pre-program two weld settings that they can they quickly toggle between, allowing for quick changes between weld settings or from pulsed to MIG welding. It also prevents costly stop-and-go welding. The new Trigger Hold allows welders to simply press the trigger down and after a few seconds, the gun holds, giving the welder better comfort while working on long weldments. The wire jog feature is a convenient and safe way for the operator to feed wire at the machine without energizing the weld output.

The 350P provides superior aluminum performance when matched with the XR-Aluma-Pro, or the new XR AlumaPro Lite or XRPistol Pro air-cooled push-pull guns. The Millermatic 350P Aluminum’s Hot Start™ eliminates fusion issues by ensuring correct heat from the beginning of the weld. Sharparc gives control of the arc cone shape, puddle fluidity and bead profile while in the Pulsed MIG mode.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

High pressure waterjet cutting

High pressure waterjet cutting is gaining in popularity among fabricators because it improves cutting efficiencies.

$40 B US industrial robotics market by 2020

The global industrial robotics market is expected to exceed USD 40 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc.

Welding On-The-Go

by Mary Scianna

Technology advances are making portable welding systems faster, smarter and easier to use

New wind turbine manufacturing plant in BC

Endurance Wind Power Inc., Surrey, BC, has opened a new 40,000 sq ft facility to manufacture wind turbines.

Punching machines & punch tooling MetalTech Report

Eco-friendly technology
Designed as a lower-cost alternative to Amada’s flagship EM-series twin servo drive turrets, the AE-series has been designated as an “Eco Product” by the Japan Forming Machinery Association because of the machine’s reduced requirements for petroleum product and electrical consumption.

High speed fiber laser welding

Amada's Fiber Laser Welder (FLW) achieves a high speed, high quality weld not possible with a conventional laser welder, says the company. The FLW is a complete welding solution that is equipped with a unique processing head, offline programming capabilities and many productivity enhancing features. 

Job Shops in Canada 2017: Manufacturing Support

by Andrew Brooks

Gauging the pulse of Canada’s job shops and their critical role in manufacturing

Gas Management For Industry 4.0

by Professor Emil Schubert

CAD/CAM software for multi axis laser processing

Prima Power Laserdyne has released FASTTRIM CAD/CAM software for use with its multi-axis precision laser processing systems.

RFID lens for 2D laser cutting

TRUMPF has enhanced its LensLine sensor system for 2D lasyer cutting machines by combining it with an RFID lens to achieve what the company says is greater accuracy, process reliability and user friendliness.

Aluminum Welding

by Nestor Gula

Getting up to speed with aluminum welding

Mike Whitehead new president at Lincoln Electric Canada

Mike Whitehead has been appointed president of Lincoln Electric Canada effective January 1, 2015. He succeeds Joseph G. Doria, who has retired as president and CEO of the company.

TIG welding through a keyhole

The K-TIG 1000 Evolve II is a unique approach to TIG welding that opens and manages a full-penetration “keyhole” through the joint.

Automotive Transformation

by Andrew Brooks

Market changes creating opportunities for automotive manufacturing in Canada

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