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High quality cutting
Integral to the high efficiencies achievable with the BySpeed 3015 state-of-the-art laser cutting system, is the ByLaser 6000 W resonator, a power package that delivers up to a steady 6 kW to the cutting head, ensuring consistently high quality cutting across a broad range of materials.

Among the notable improvements to the BySpeed 3015 are a faster shuttle table, simultaneous nozzle cleaning and calibration during shuttle times, and a conveyor system for small cut drops. BySpeed 3015 also features lighter, more agile front access doors and curved panels on the front covers for a sleek, more esthetically pleasing appearance.

4000 W fiber laser
Amada’s FOL3015AJ is the world’s first 4000 W production fiber laser specifically designed for cutting, claims the company. Fiber laser technology offers faster cutting of thin material, up to two to three times that of a comparable 4000 W CO2 laser, and edge quality in material thicknesses up to 7/8 in. compared to other solid-state systems. It has the ability to cut copper, brass, titanium and other materials that were previously difficult to process.

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The heart of the system is a resonator which generates a laser beam with a wavelength that is approximately a tenth of that emitted by a conventional gas laser. Now, materials that CO2 lasers could not process can easily be cut, enabling you to expand your process range. In addition, thin gauge materials typically associated with CO2 lasers can be cut at unprecedented speeds. There are no optics or space inside the cavity of the laser source. Therefore, costs associated with mirrors and downtime for alignment of optics have been eliminated.

Fiber laser cutting
HyIntensity Fiber Laser systems use a low maintenance solid state laser source to generate a laser beam that is delivered through a fiber optic cable to the laser head. The glass fiber transfers the beam with a beam quality tailored for cutting metal. The fiber optic technology enables more flexible table integration without the table size restrictions associated with CO2 lasers. Three times more energy efficient than CO2, HyIntensity Fiber Laser systems are a cost-effective solution for fi ne-featured cutting with no mirrors to maintain and calibrate and no lasing gas.

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HFL020 makes it easy to produce consistent laser quality across a full range of materials and thicknesses.

• 2.0 kW fi ber laser supply with rated cutting capacity up to 16 mm mild steel (12 mm stainless steel).

• Tightly integrated system design for ease of operation, and reliable, consistent process optimization.


LVD Strippit
High pressure cutting head
LVD Strippit’s Axel 3015 S Linear laser cutting system with 4 kW laser source incorporates the most recent advancements in linear drive technology, laser power and control systems to provide superior cutting capabilities, greater flexibility and ease of use.

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It offers maximum performance when processing thin sheets and thick materials. A high pressure (clean cut) cutting head is available for 127 mm x 190.5 mm x 254 mm (5 in., 7.5 in. or 10 in.) cutting lens. The high pressure cutting head produces clean cuts and is equipped with a safety system that protects the head from collision with the workpiece.

A 254 mm (10 in.) cutting lens allows the Axel to quickly and efficiently process thick mild steel 10 mm to 15 mm. The 254 mm (10 in.) lens permits processing of 25 mm (1 in.) mild steel with a 4 kW laser source. Using the 254 mm (10 in.) lens, 20 mm (¾ in.) mild steel can be processed at 1.016 mm/min (40 in./min.), and 10 mm (3/8 in.) mild steel can be cut at speeds of 2,032 mm (80 in./min.).


Mazak Optonics
58% faster two-pallet changer
Optiplex 3015 is a 2D laser processing machine that combines advanced automation and superior cutting speeds for accurately processing material thicknesses from the thinnest of steel to 25.4 mm (1 in. mild steel).

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The laser comes standard with an Intelligent torch changer, Intelligent nozzle changer, and Intelligent auto focal distance measurement and adjustment. A new servo system automatically sets the optimum focal point by program command to considerably reduce piercing time and provide even more productivity gains.

A flexible, high speed two-pallet changer is 58 percent faster than what was previously found on Mazak laser machines. Moreover, the torch, nozzle and pallet changing can occur simultaneously to further minimize non-cutting time and maximize throughput.

A new 4,000-watt type 10 resonator directs the machine’s laser beam to the cutting torch using an exclusive constant-beam length delivery system, which helps ensure uniform, highly accurate cutting anywhere on the machine table. A U-axis allows the constant-beam delivery length to remain stable throughout the cutting process.

Rapid traverse speeds of 4,724 ipm, 4,724 ipm and 2,362 ipm in X, Y and Z, respectively, allow the laser machine to maneuver around maximum workpiece sizes of 1,524 mm x 3,048 mm (60 in. x 120 in.) and significantly shorten part-processing times. 

Mazak’s Mazatrol Preview 2 CNC automatically determines the cutting speed and acceleration for each cutting point to the next from the programmed contour.


MC Machinery
Eco-friendly laser 
Replacing former LVP series, eX is the fifth generation in a line of powerful 2D Mitsubishi Lasers from MC Machinery. The machine delivers low running costs and eco-friendly features for power and gas consumption, and stable operation for up to 1.4 times greater productivity.

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The eco mode cuts running costs by up to 90 per cent during standby. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by around 30 per cent compared to competitor machines. The machine’s new compact design provides a small footprint without reducing table size. Standard on the eX is its magnetic head, which protects from catastrophic crashes and allows for easy recovery. 

A built-in control panel, window into the workpiece area and a barcode reader all make for easy operation. Other features include high-speed lens movement; a large work area; simple nesting with component thumbnails displayed on the screen; an email notification system; and a faster processing head.


Prima Power
Open structure design
Platino by Prima Power is a flexible and reliable laser cutting machine designed and developed for the needs of the sheet metal processing industry. The integration of the high brilliance fiber laser with the Platino is a further technological advancement by Prima Power. 

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The fiber laser machine is available for sheet size 1,500 x 3,000 mm and with laser power ranging from 2,000 W up to 3,000 W and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The unique architecture allows full accessibility to the working area from three sides. This open structure makes it easy to integrate the system, at any time, with the wide range of modular automation solutions by Prima Power, from simple pallet changer to the most complete system with automatic handling and storage of the material.

The reliable machine features a­ unique machine design using a synthetic granite frame offers the best thermal stability and vibration damping, and a SIPS (Safe Impact Protection System) for the protection of the machine head against collision with fixtures or workpieces. In addition to three-sided accessibility, it is possible to manually load/unload sheets without using the automatic pallet changer.

Speed and accuracy are independent from the workpiece weight, and the strokes of the linear axes are: X=3,050 mm, Y=1,600 mm, Z=150 mm. The linear axes’ combined speed is 140 m/min and acceleration is 1.2 g for a single axis.

Accuracy is Pa and Ps = 0.03 mm (full stroke) according to VDI/DGQ 3441 standards.

The flexible machine is equipped with a non-contacting nozzle distance control, quick lens change with a cartridge system for easy setup, and an optional rotary axis for cutting tubes or pipes.

The machine can process a range of materials. It features an integrated Group owned CNC P30L and drives are key for seamless and user-friendly operation of the system.


High cutting speeds
TRUMPF’s TruLaser 5030 fiber features the company’s fiber-guided TruDisk solid-state laser. Because of its high dynamics, the machine is able to make full use of the solid-state laser’s advantages and achieve very high cutting speeds in thin sheet when producing parts such as medical products, items for ventilation systems and façade elements.

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The TruLaser 5030 fiber cuts not only mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum cost effectively, but also non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.

The core of the machine is a fiber-guided TruDisk solid-state laser with an output rating of 3 kW. With the 2D laser cutting system, users can process sheets measuring 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm (10 feet x 5 ft). To keep processing time as low as possible and to increase the flow rate of parts, the TruLaser 5030 fiber has features that have already proven themselves in the CO2 laser version: a single-cutting head strategy, automatic nozzle changer and all cutting data required for a smooth cutting start.

With the TruLaser 5030 fiber’s flexible beam line, the solid-state laser can be placed independently of the machine. Also, the machine and the solid-state laser come from the same source, which means the two components are optimally coordinated to each other.

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Tool steel alloy maintains sharp edges

Select-SAIhas introduced an iron-based martensitic, high molybdenum, high speed, tool steel alloy the company says is an excellent choice for welding components required to maintain a sharp edge.

Plasma cutting system

Hypertherm has introduced a new X-Definition class plasma: the XPR170.

Toolholders MetalTech Report

Tool clamping for high speed
Emuge Corp.’s tool clamping system, the PGR, is designed for carbide and HSS cutting tools, taps, thread mills, and end mills.

Inspection techniques

As anyone in the fabricating and welding business knows, process and part inspection is a critical component of a successful business. Build and weld a poor part will simply guarantee failure.

Portable wire feeder with less actual wires

Lincoln Electric’s LN-25X portable industrial wire feeder is equipped with the company’s CrossLinc and True Voltage Technology (TVT).

TRUMPF enters 3D printing market with joint venture

TRUMPF has entered the fast-growing 3D printing market through a joint venture with SISMA S.p.A., Italy's largest laser manufacturer.

On-the-go air plasma system

Hypertherm's new Powermax30 Air is a portable air plasma system and internal compressor in one for on-the-go cutting.

FABTECH 2014: Fiber laser with intelligent functions

Exhibitor: Mazak Optonics    Booth: B3525

Force torque sensor software

Robotiq has launched Force Copilot software to operate Universal Robots’ e-Series embedded force torque sensor.

Improved radial arm drills

Knuth has introduced a new "R" series radial arm drills that range from 33 mm (1.3 in.) drilling capacity with a 813 mm (32 in.) spindle to column distance all the way to a 100 mm (3.94 in.) drilling capacity size with a spindle to column distance of 3,150 mm (124 in.).

Fuji launches extended range of FA-20 grinders

Industrial air tool specialist, Fuji Air Tools, has extended its FA-20 series of compact 2 in. angle grinders and die grinders. As a result, the FA-20 series now comprises seven distinct models and offers users the choice of a locking lever version, collet version and rear exhaust version.

Dry cut metal pipe, plate and profiles


CS Unitec's new 356 mm (14 in.) chop saw dry cuts metal pipe, plate and profiles without the need for lubrication or manual deburring.

Software optimizes robotic offline programming for cutting, welding

Hypertherm's Robotic Software Team has introduced a new suite of specialized tools that make it easy to optimize robotic welding and cutting, whether plasma, laser or waterjet-by creating optimized paths.

New head for Prima Power fiber laser

The new version of Prima Power's Platino Fiber, is a 2D laser cutting machine equipped with fiber laser sources (with 2, 3, 4, and 6 kW power) that provide the customer with high performance and at the same time great reliability.

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