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The TruBend 7036 is known as an ergonomic press brake designed with adjustable foot rest and table, plus tilt control.

A feature of the TruBend Series 7000 includes the ability to increase its bending speed simply by making adjustments to the machine parts relevant to the bending process: the back gauge and the beam. The back gauge is made with lightweight carbon fiber, and the surfaces on which the bent part contacts the fingers of the back gauge are made of hardened steel. These design features are said to enable the TruBend Series 7000 to set new standards for achieving accurate results.

In addition, the torque motor, which drives the beam, can deliver power even at low speeds. It ensures rapid axis movements and is low maintenance, since it has no gears and, therefore, needs no gear oil.  The extremely energy-efficient electric motor also reduces energy costs. The TruBend Series 7000 also features enhanced ergonomics. Optimum working conditions and user-friendly operating elements are integrated into the machine design. The operator can control the machine while sitting down and work without becoming fatigued, which helps ensure the quantity and quality of the fabricated parts. Gas spring supported pedals allow the height and angle of the foot rests to be adjusted. The arm support is also adjustable in height, so that every operator can set up his or her workplace individually.

In addition, the monitor for the TASC 6000 control system of the TruBend Series 7000 can be adjusted electronically and set to the appropriate angle. Optional TRUMPF LED lighting illuminates the area in front of and behind the beam, ensuring correct lighting conditions precisely at the bend, without heat radiation. An optional laser diode also projects the bend line onto the surface of the sheet metal, simplifying the accuracy of guiding the workpiece into the back gauge.


Slitting die reduces material costs, waste

Mate Precision Tooling has launched a thick turret insert slitting die for D and E stations that the company says reduces material costs and waste.

Lightweight magnetic drilling units redesigned

The heavy-duty ICECUT line of magnetic drilling units from Walter Surface Technologies has been given a new design.

Flap disc offers economical solution for fabricators

Flexsteel is a new high performance general purpose flab disc launched by Walter Surface Technologies.

Projecting success

by Kip Hanson

The Problem: Increased demand for complex parts

The Solution: A high speed, five axis machining centre

Ontario rapid prototyping shop expands its machining capability

Extra-large format laser cutting system

Bystronic is expanding its BySprint Fiber laser cutting system with the 12020 extra-large format.

FABTECH 2014: New generation fiber laser

Exhibitor: Salvagnini    Booth: B3125

Cutting aluminum with waterjet

OMAX abrasive waterjet systems in action cutting aluminum. OMAX says its waterjet systems cut aluminum with ease without any thermal distortion.

Toolholders MetalTech Report

Tool clamping for high speed
Emuge Corp.’s tool clamping system, the PGR, is designed for carbide and HSS cutting tools, taps, thread mills, and end mills.

Pneumatic clamping with self-locking mechanism

Wila has introduced a new line of upper and lower New Standard Premium Pneumatic clamping systems with a patented self-locking mechanism for press brakes.

Automated handling of metal fabrication materials

Cincinnati Incorporated has introduced the MARCH (Multi Axis Rapid Cincinnati Handling) system for automated handling of metal fabrication materials.

Monitoring for cold and hot forming, thread rolling and stamping

Marposs has introduced the Brankamp X5 in-process, real-time monitoring systems for cold and hot forming, thread rolling and stamping operations.

Flexible vee die for press brakes

LVD Strippit now offers the Vari-Vee V30-140 CNC adjustable Vee die for its complete range of PPEB and Easy-Form precision press brakes.

Salvagnini: Bending long parts

A video showcasing Salvagnini bending technology.

Mazak Optonics' new compact, high speed automation solution

Mazak Optonics has introduced their newest addition to their compact range of automation solutions, the Quick Cell 3015. 

32-ton bending force on new panel bender

Prima Power has introduced a new panel bender, BC3 Smart 2220.

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