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Mate Precision Tooling has expanded its press brake tooling product line with the addition of CleanBend forming technology.

The CleanBend tool is available in both European Precision Style and Wila Trumpf Style tooling and can be adapted to American Precision Style tooling.

The Mate CleanBend tool is designed with two opposing spring-loaded half-moon rollers that rotate as force is applied in the middle of the die, resulting in a clean bend with minimal to no marking of the sheet metal. Primary applications include bending:

• Short flange

• Flange to a diagonal sharp

• Across preexisting holes

• Across a notch or gap

• Sensitive or delicate materials

• Highly polished materials

• Painted or coated surfaces

• Materials with foil or plastic coverings

• Tread plate

“CleanBend is an important extension of our press brake tooling line,” sys VP of Business Development, Frank Baeumler. “We can now offer customers added capabilities and functionality to produce more with their press brakes.”

Mate launched its line of press brake tooling last summer. The tooling is precision ground and induction hardened for extra durability. It includes an expansive array of punches, dies, modified standards, specials and accessories. They are available in segmented, full-length and half-length sizes to suit nearly any metal bending application.

Electrode upgrades for vertical-down pipe welding

Lincoln Electrichas introduced performance upgrades to its Pipeliner LH-D 80, 90 and 100 stick electrodes for high strength, vertical-down pipe welding.

Lower waterjet cutting costs

A new 100 hp direct drive pump from OMAX Corp. offers what the company says is increased efficiency, improved reliability and lower operating costs by delivering more JetPower at the nozzle, equal to today's 135 hp intensifier designs.

Kitamura, CAMplete partner for five axis verification software

Kitamura Machinery is partnering with CAMplete Solutions to provide an integrated suite of post processing, verification and optimization software tools for its five axis machining centres.

Heavy duty shrink fit chucks for heavy machinery

The new Heavy Duty Shrink Fit Chuck from Haimer has been developed for heavy duty use in the heavy machinery and aerospace industries.

Wireless rotary axis calibrator

The new Renishaw XR20-W calibration system measures the angular position of rotary axes to within ±1 arc second, wirelessly, for testing the accuracy of lathes, multi-axis machine tools, mill-turn machines, trunnion tables and spindles.

Inspection instrument for indicators for in-house calibration

Mitutoyo has introduced the next generation i-Checker, model IC-2000 for efficient in-house calibration for indicating gauges including dial indicator, dial test indicator, dial comparator (Hicator), bore gauge, cylinder gauge, digimatic indicator, linear gauge, electrical comparator (electronic micrometer, Mu-checker).

Octagonal insert with 4 geometries

The new Prameet stainless steel milling range from Dormer Prameet offers versatility and productivity.

AccuStream AS-6060 pump

End User:Special Metal Fabricating

Special Metal Fabricating, Edmonton, AB, purchased a waterjet machine in the summer of 2012. Last December it decided to upgrade to a higher pressure pump.

High speed electronic weld head for miniature parts welding

Amada Miyachi America Inc.'s new Series 300 electronic weld head offers the precisely controlled weld force profile ideal for miniature parts welding, according to the company. Originally released more than twenty years ago, there are more than 1000 Series 300 electronic weld heads in use all over the world, with more than half going into operation in the last decade.

Reducing operating costs with new press brake

With models varying in capacity from 55-600 tons, Amada’s new HD NT press brake series can handle a full range of applications in bend lengths from 79 to 276 in.

Unique machining concept: Multi-task turning

Mazak's Orbitec 20 is a unique machine originally developed as a customized solution for a customer application.

Extended reach air plasma torches

Hypertherm has expanded its line of Powermax air plasma torches with the Duramax Hyamp torches that offer "long" torches for extended reach cutting, as well as robotic torches.

New grinding steady rests designed for grinding applications

Kitagawa Northtech Inc. has recently introduced their new AS Series of Grinding Steady Rests. The AS Series completes their portfolio of Steady Rests designed and engineered for Grinding applications. The new AS Grind Steady Rests feature narrow retractable arms for easy automated part loading as well as many other capabilities for grinding applications. 

Tooling for automated crosshole deburring

Heule Tool Corp. has launched its COFA-X tooling, what the company describes as the first tooling system for removing burrs consistently from interior uneven bore edges with large intersections, such as valves, fittings, hydraulic manifolds, and more.

HP Accu-Lock special retainer inserts

Wilson Tool International has introduced new patented special retainer inserts that allow dies to be modified on site and on demand.

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