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Rethinking high pressure waterjet cutting

by Tim Wilson

Are we hitting the ceiling on PSI levels in waterjet technology? No, but a manufacturer can’t just roll out more power without making sure that it works effectively.

“Flow offers pumps that are rated up to 94,000 PSI,” says Tim Fabian from Flow International.  “Beyond 94,000 PSI, there are constraints that require further technology development and research into specialized materials.”

Fabian says that Flow’s research and development department, which employs over 150 engineers and researchers, is actively working to solve the challenges faced with high PSI.

“Pumps well over 120,000 PSI have been tested in our facility,” says Fabian. “But Flow is not willing to release a product that will not provide consistent, proven performance.”

The good news is that even if it doesn’t result in a new generation of hyperpressure pumps, any research can inform product development. Jet Edge, for example, has just released new Permalign Edge technology that can produce parts with both zero taper and contour bevels up to 55 degrees – all while delivering to 90,000 PSI.

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Winds of change

In Canada over the last ten years more wind energy capacity has been built than any other form of electricity generation, says Richard Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA).

A 2 for 1 deal

by Mary Scianna

Punch laser combination machine opens doors to new business

Elias Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd. in Vaughan, ON, has something all custom job shops should have to succeed: owners who consistently invest in technology to diversify and grow.

Bystronic Canada appoints new direct sales engineer

Bystronic Canada has appointed David Golls as direct sales engineer for Alberta and British Columbia.

Canada's economy on upswing: machinery sales, exports climb

The Canadian economy is in good stance: CNC machinery sales have increased over 2013 orders and Canada's economy has grown faster than economists forecast according to recent figures from the Canadian Machine Tool Distributors' Association (CMTDA) and Statistics Canada.

Ultrafast Lasers Offer Great Promise as a Unique Manufacturing Tool

By Geoff Shannon, Amada-Miyachi America

Ultrafast or ultra-short pulse lasers offer unique material processing possibilities, because the laser’s pulse duration is less than the target material’s conduction time. Essentially this means that cold machining of parts is possible–with material being removed by sublimation.

Dispelling the Myths

By Mary Scianna

There is probably no better time than now to automate your welding shop.

Driving change

by Tim Wilson

Market shifts hold the future for auto manufacturing

Manufacturing spurs Canada's biggest job gains in 7 months

A surge in employment in the manufacturing sector helped Canada's economy gain 58,000 jobs in May, the biggest gain in employment in seven months, according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada.

Canadian group acquires US auto parts maker

Two Quebec-based manufacturers and an investment firm have formed a group to acquire a US Tier 2 automotive parts manufacturer.

ERP: Navigating changing waters

Choosing the right ERP system can be tricky

Burning beams in no time

This Washington fabricator turned to a Canadian robotic beam line system for exponential efficiency gains.

The Additive Advantage

by Andrew Brooks

Additive manufacturing is still relatively new, but will it usher in a new Industrial Revolution?

Flexing the Plasma Muscle

by Noelle Stapinsky

Advancements in high definition plasma cutting

Why Faster Linear Drives Improve Productivity

by Eric St. James

Advanced linear motor drives can help fabricators improve processing times

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