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The 30,000 sq ft Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre is comprised of three fabricating shops, classrooms (including a computer programming room) and offices.


The main fabrication shop is an 8,000 sq ft facility that houses state-of-the art CNC shearing and bending equipment (Durma), a CNC power folding brake (RAS Reinhardt TurboBend), plasma cutting (Multicam 1000 machine) and roll forming equipment (Lockformer). The centre\'s Kevin Rabishaw says training on laser and waterjet cutting machines is done off-site at employer member facilities.

A second 5,000 sq ft shop is the welding facility. The shop includes 20 Lincoln-equipped arc welding booths with a Lincoln (HEPA filter) fume extraction system, a Lincoln Electric/Fanuc robotic welding cell, a Scotchman saw and other various welding equipment for MIG and TIG welding.

The third shop is designated for gas technician certification training for journeypersons and apprentices. The facility is under construction and expected to be operational later this year. 

“There will be a sufficient number of meters and gauges to allow all students to work with the equipment directly,” says Rabishaw, adding that the training centre’s on-site capacity will benefit current apprentices as well as an estimated 2209 sheet metal journeypersons who will be able to access training in night school classes and on weekends.”

In addition to training apprentices and journeypersons, the centre is a certified Canadian Welding Bureau test centre.

Skills Training: A Supplier’s Perspective
“All trade unions weld and Lincoln Electric recognized the power of trade unions very early on and understood that they play an important role in education for welders,” explains Jim Grant, a technical sales representative on the front lines of the union training movement in Canada. “Lincoln recognized by partnering with these unions we could enhance and improve the skill and knowledge base of welding by being part of the union movement with skills training.”

Called an “advocate and supporter of young people seeking knowledge in welding and other skilled trades” by Kevin Rabishaw, executive director of the Ontario Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre, Grant—and Lincoln Electric—is well known in the skill trades training arena.

“There’s a shortage of skilled workers and several years ago trade unions got involved to create industry-lead training for their members, and these training centres are building a foundation for future workers.”

Grant adds that Lincoln contributes to welding education by providing training aids—informational brochures and welding charts—equipment, fume management systems and design and consulting of welding shop set up and operation. 

“If you walked into the Ironworkers Union training facility or the new facility for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, everything related to arc welding would be Lincoln Equipment. We help the unions design the layout of the welding shop, provide equipment at a special union cost—we also provide, for free, temporary welding equipment for special events like the skills competition the unions hold—and help consult and design the fume extraction or smoke management systems.” SMT

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CenterLine Best Managed Company-again

CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd., has achieved the Gold Standad winner status of the Best Managed Companies program. It retained its status after becoming the winner in 2013.

Pumping Up Productivity

by Noelle Stapinsky

Advancements in waterjet pump technologies are improving pressure delivery 

Manufacturing boosts industrial capacity


Manufacturing  and oil and gas extraction helped increase Canada's industrial capacity use to 82.0 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2013, up from 81.2 per cent in the third quarter of last year, according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada.

Full court press

by Andrew Brooks 

The Problem
To be leader of the pack from day one

The Solution
A ‘monster’ of a press brake 

Smarter Manufacturing

by Kristian Hulgard 

Intelligent end-of-arm tooling for better machining

Metalworking in space

A 3D startup company that has been operating 3D polymer printers on the International Space Station, is developing tools for on-orbit metal manufacturing that could be ready for launch in 2018, according to a report by

Building big

by Mary Scianna

The Problem: Lagging plate processing operations
The Solution: Nesting software to optimize plate fabrication

BC structural steel fabricator improves productivity with nesting software

Deposition rates of 60 lb/hr

Lincoln Electric has introduced a self-propelled modular CruiserTractor designed for increased mobility and equipped with operator-friendly features for longitudinal submerged arc welding applications common in bridge and barge decking, large tank fabrication and shipbuilding.

Tough tubes

By Kip Hanson

Techniques for roll forming thin-walled tubing from high strength steels

The Problem: Reducing tube weight while maintaining structural integrity

The Solution: New materials and improvements to the roll forming process

6 Game Changers for Bending Accuracy

by Tony Marzullo and Bob Mathien

Take better control of your bending process

Flexibility of a mini panel bender

Salvagnini's P1 electric panel bender is an alternative to tradtional bending. The company says that thanks to patented kinematics, this mini panel bender can produce a variety of parts and panels.

Fabricator kit with #2 morse taper magnetic drill

Hougen Manufacturing Inc. has released a new portable magnetic drill kit: the HMD2MT Fabricator's Kit.

Marc-André Aubé new head of Walter Surface Technologies

Marc-André Aubé is the new president and COO of Walter Surface Technologies, based in Pointe-Claire, QC.

Smarter Lasers

Laser systems run on sophisticated software, many of which are Industry 4.0 ready, able to connect to ERP and other management systems, allowing fabricators to monitor processes remotely.

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