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E-Weld Nozzle from Walter Surface Technologies is a ceramic-based anti-spatter solution that protects welding nozzles from spatter adhesion for up to eight hours.

With its high concentration of active ingredients, this anti-spatter solution is made to outlast and outperform in the semi-automated and fully-automated MIG welding processes, says the company. The packaging features a unique applicator specially-designed to apply an even coating to the interior and exterior of the welding nozzle.

In addition, the applicator provides significant economical benefit as it applies the exact amount of coating required to protect the nozzle for up to 8 hours. Immediately after welding, spatter can easily be wiped off the welding nozzle using only a cloth - eliminating the usual downtime required to chip away accumulated spatter on nozzles when an anti-spatter solution is not used.

Nathalie Vezina, product manager at Walter Surface Technologies, says the new product illustrates how the company is committed to developing products that help customers work better. "By using E-Weld Nozzle with the easy applicator, customers can reduce operation cost as it eliminates the need for frequent nozzle replacements since the solution extends the life of the welding nozzle. What's more, by applying only a thin layer of
E-WELD NOZZLE, it increases productivity and reduces downtime as it prevents obstructions from accumulating within the nozzle, allowing for a uniform and consistent flow of gas to form better quality welds."

Walter Surface Technologies

Welding cobot with 10kg payload

Add robotic welding capacity to current production with the six-axis HC10XP human-collaborative robot from Yaskawa Motoman.

Flexible five axis milling

GROB Systems has introduced its G750 5-axis universal machining centre, which offers high quality industrial manufacturing milling for large parts. 

Robot gantry system for speed and flexibility

The new LP 100 gantry robot system introduced by Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH is ideal for handling smaller and lighter components, allowing users the option of configuring the gantry to deliver high speed or high load performance.

CMTS 2015 Spotlight: Mazak Canada

Booth # 2560

Mazak Canada will use its Variaxis i-800, Variaxis i-600 and Integrex i-400ST models to demonstrate how the new Smooth Technology platform has transformed the way the company’s multi-axis machines perform.

Multi-process welder

Miller Electric has introduced a new multi-purpose welder designed to withstand harsh environments, the Dimension 650.

LMT launches new product lineup

LMT Onsrud has launched and significantly expanded its offerings in seven key product series.

Doosan Machine Tools partners with 5ME Cryogenics

Doosan Machine Tools America has partnered with 5ME to showcase the advantages of cryogenic machining.

Auto tool changing press brakes

LVD Strippit has expanded its ToolCell automated tool changing press brake line with the introduction of a larger capacity 220-ton model featuring a bend length configuration of 160 in. (4080 mm).

New CVD grade insert for cast iron turning

Tungaloy Corp. has developed an expansion for T515, a CVD grade for cast iron turning. The items included in the expansion are positive inserts, large-sized inserts, and wiper inserts.

High speed, high precision fiber laser cutting

Available as 2kW, 4kW and 6kW, the LCG 3015 AJ was developed with Amada’s proven fiber laser technology, says the company. This technology helps achieve Process Range Expansion (PRE) by providing the ability to cut brass, copper and titanium.

Dot peen marker series

Kwik Mark has announced its new line of X Series dot peen markers.

Flexible drilling

Tube, pipe and structural steel fabricators who do a lot of drilling have a new lower cost and more efficient alternative to radial drills or standard tap/drill machines.

C3 and C4 coupling, cutting heads added to small part CNC machining

Tungaloy is expanding its TungCap PSC quick change tooling system family to include cutting heads and clamping units in C3 and C4 coupling sizes.

Gripper uses van der Waals forces

OnRobot has begun shipping its newly available Gecko Gripper.

New tool holding products mirror modern metalworking demands

In general, tool holding (tooling) equipment has not undergone any fundamental changes for a long time.

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