Amada HS 8025 series press brakeClick image to enlargeAmada's HS series press brakes are eco-friendly machines the company says provides maximum performance and ease of use.

 The inverter-controlled drive on the HS series reflects Amada’s ongoing commitment to environmental protection. The new drive system uses a frequency inverter that controls the motor pump and ensures efficiency by operating only when necessary. The system continually monitors and self-regulates bending requirements—this translates to using 20 per cent less energy, a significant reduction in maintenance requirements, less oil consumption, lower noise levels and an increase in reliability.

Additional features include:

· Numeric Control (NC) – The AB PAD is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface. Users can remotely monitor the operation of the machine, transfer programs and perform diagnostics.

· S-GRIP Punch Holders – Allows the brake operator to change punches on the press brake quickly and safely without requiring a wrench. The patented S-GRIP design dramatically decreases tool changeover time, thereby increasing bending productivity.

· Multiple Axis Backgauge – The lightweight but rigid design allows for high
speed and precise positioning. With the gauging capacity of up to 40", large components can be easily processed.

There are two accurate backgauge configurations available to meet your specific requirements. The 2 axes (L, Z) configuration is ideal for simple parts. For complex stage bending, the 6 axes configuration (L1 L2, Y1 Y2, Z1 Z2) provides greater flexibility. Both configurations are engineered for high speed, unmatched positioning accuracy and precise repeatability.

The Amada AB pad reduces the learning curve for new operators by providing three user-friendly programming modes (Depth, Angle and 2D). Depth mode allows the operator to use the teaching hand wheel to set all of the axes and generate a program. Angle mode utilizes a graphic tool database. The operator enters tooling, material and part information to create a program that is complete with proper bend allowances—that are calculated by the control. The 2D mode allows the operator to draw a profile of the part using the touchscreen control. After inputting all of the angles and dimensions, the control will automatically select the appropriate tooling and generate the optimal bend sequence.

With models ranging in capacity from 50-220 tons, the HS series can handle a full range of applications in bend lengths from 82 to 169 in. (2,083 to 4,293 mm). All models feature an open height of 18.5 in. (470 mm) and a stroke length of 7.87 in. (200 mm) allowing deep box bending of parts that are nearly 8 in. (203 mm) in height. Amada’s HS series is engineered to ensure precision bending in an economical turnkey system.


Tool presetter for high-precision part manufacture

SST has introduced the SST 4200 tool presetter for high-precision part manufacturing.

Robotic welding for structural steel fabrication

The BeamMaster WELD robotic welding line from AGT Robotics is specially engineered for structural steel applications.

Heimatec releases new tooling for turning centre brands

Heimatec now offers live tooling for all popular models in the Hyundai, Miyano and Nakamura turning centre lines.

More uniform grip with jaw forming ring grips

The Dillon jaw forming ring is an easy-to-use tool that provides a more uniform grip on the workpiece, according to the company.

New abrasive waterjet cutting machine

OMAX has introdced the GlobalMAX 1530 abrasive waterjet, a "value-priced abrasive waterjet" according to the company.

Kitamura, CAMplete partner for five axis verification software

Kitamura Machinery is partnering with CAMplete Solutions to provide an integrated suite of post processing, verification and optimization software tools for its five axis machining centres.

Updated 3D platform software with better hardware to software synergy

Creaform has launched the latest version of its 3D software platform, VXelements and suite of applications bringing a more comprehensive experience for users with unmatched hardware to software synergy for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and dimensional inspection.

Slip proof clamping system

Rego-Fix has introduced a new slip proof clamping system, the intRlox Mini Nut.

Handling oversized workpieces on a turret punch press

LVD Strippit's new turret punch press, the Strippit P-1525, is a 20 tonne CNC machine designed to efficiently handle large or oversized workpieces up to 1524 mm x 2500 mm (60 in. x 98.4 in.). Larger sheets can be processed with clamp repositioning.

Welding documentation, data analysis

Fronius' new WeldCube is a documentation and data analysis system that connects up to 50 power sources and makes it possible for continuous quality assurance and evaluation of multiple welding parameters.

Expanded press brake tooling CleanBend

Mate Precision Tooling has expanded its press brake tooling product line with the addition of CleanBend forming technology.

Multi-process welding system

ESAB's new Rebel EMP 215ic is a 120V-230V CC/VC welding system the company says offers true multi-process arc performance.

Renishaw launches a new version of FixtureBuilder 3D-modelling software

Renishaw has released the latest version of its 3D fixture modelling software, FixtureBuilder 8.0.

More flute options for Seco high feed end mill

Seco has expanded the high feed machining applicability of its Jabro-HFM JHF980 solid carbide end mill with new four and five flute options. The additional flutes allow part manufacturers to achieve maximum productivity when performing face, slot and select plunge milling operations, says the company.

Waterjet MetalTech Report

High efficiency pump

Bystronic says it’s ByJet Smart waterjet cutting system is economically priced to acquire and maintain, and the customer benefits from a low purchase price and from reduced operating costs. 

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