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Universal Gauge
The Bowers Universal Gauge available from Eclipse Metrology is a modular device that can configured quickly to suit most measuring challenges. When measuring internal and external diameters (from 0 to 3000 mm/0 – 118 in.), it has the ability to “freeze” its display on the reading. The gauge’s constant pressure devices ensures users achieve accuracy and consistency of reading. It is fast and easy to use, and the clear digital display makes it suitable for inspecting large parts positioned within the machine tool.


UV laser marking
TruMark 6350 marking laser features improved laser parameters for more cost efficiency and high quality marks with a broader range of applications. Increased average power with the same high beam quality leads to an increase in repetition rates and higher processing speeds. The higher pulse peak power and pulse energy allow the laser to achieve increased mark contrast. The passively cooled marking laser has enhanced optical setup for a 50 per cent reduction in the time needed to achieve the ideal crystal temperature prior to marking.



Unmanned tool measurement
The roboSet is an automated tool measurement system capable of loading the presetter and measuring machine that can run unmanned, 24 hours, seven days a week. It features a six-axis articulated arm robot equipped with a sensor with force-moment strain gauge and two pneumatic parallel grippers at D 3-12 mm. It can load shafted tools onh the measuring device with automatic power clamping and is easy to operate. Loading configurations and parameters are defined using a “pallet management” functionality incorporated into the company’s pilot 3.0 software, and tools can then be measured without further user input.


Mobile gripping system
The 5-finger hand is a robotic mobile gripping system designed with motor controllers integrated into the wrist of the hand. Via defined interfaces, the gripper hand can be connected with the lightweight arm. For mobile applications, the energy supply of the 5-finger hand requires a battery-servable 24 V DC. The gripper hand is available as a left and right hand version. By means of nine drives, its five fingers can carry out various gripping operations. It is also capable of gestures, and the use of tactile sensors in the fingers provides sensitivity in the gripper hand. Elastic gripping surfaces ensure a reliable hold of the gripped objects.


Cutting Tools

Threadmilling hardened steels
The JEL MGF XH Micro threadmilling cutter allows for milling micro-sized threads directly into hardened steels in the range of 45 to 60 HRC, eliminating the need for complex re-machining operations caused by hardening distortion. The cutter is equipped with a 45° chamfer, completing both tasks in one single operation. It’s available in diameters of M1, M1.4, M1.6, M2, M2.2 and M2.5, in a 1.5xD length to diameter ratio.



Mazak Optonics
2.5 kW laser cutting system
The Super Turbo-X Champion is a 2.5 kW laser cutting machine with a new Type 10 resonator. It features a 1,786 lb (810 kg) workpiece capacity for sheets up to 0.87 in. (22 mm) thick, high positioning accuracy, improved travel support and easy loading access. It’s equipped with the Mazatrol Preview function control, which automatically determines the cutting speed and acceleration from each cutting point to the next. It uses integrated technology tables for a wide range of materials and thicknesses.



Linde Canada
Welding helmet
The Linde Gladiator II helmet combines lightweight comfort and ergonomic fit with superior protection of the head and neck. Smart construction and a durable cover plate design makes it one of the only products available on the market which can be used for unlimited overhead welding applications. Expansive shade range and selectable grinding mode settings make this helmet suitable for almost any arc welding or cutting operation.   

The more economical, Linde Maximus II now comes in a flip-up and a 4.5 x 5.25 in. (114 x 133 mm) wide view. Both are lightweight, streamlined and balanced with telescopic and fully adjustable headgear. 











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